3D Touch in iPhone

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3D Touch in iPhone

3D touch is one such technology introduced by Apple that completely transforms mobile app development. This feature is borrowed from Apple Watch, and it allows users to apply various levels of pressure on the iPhone’s touch screen.
What is 3D Touch?

3D Touch is a newly added feature in the iPhone and it's based on force touch technology.  3D touch gives new gestures to deal with app icons and details on the screen.

3D Touch senses the pressure applied by your finger on the screen. 3D Touch enables soft press and hard press instead of the short press or long-press.

The 3D Touch has 3 input levels based on touch pressure. 3D Touch is not available on all iPhones models.  For example, the iPhone XR does not support it. 

iPhone models that get 3D touch:

  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

3D Touch Best Features on iPhone

  • preview and Pop, Peek content without having to open it
  • Enable multitasking, Live photos,

Home Screen Quick Action

This feature is available in the home screen and This can be used to quickly access a certain part of the application to trigger an action.

The quick actions which are specific to the application. The quick actions are developed at compile-time and stay the same all the time.

Dynamic Quick Action

Dynamic quick actions are generated and deleted at run time. The action reflects the user behavior but does not appear until the code of these actions is run.

Peek and pop

Peek and pop Feature allows for exactly what it suggests: peeking at selected notifications through a pop-up screen without opening the specific app.

Press and hold notifications offer a number of options depending on which applications the notification came from. For example, if a tweet, you'll be able to retweet or like it, iMessage allows you to read the message in a pop up screen and reply.

How Do I Control 3D Touch?

Your Phone supports 3D Touch but it's not working, you can simply turn it off. Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> 3D Touch to check. 

A lighter sensitivity requires less pressure and a firmer one requires more pressure. Experiment with each by taking the 3D Touch Sensitivity Testing. And if you don't like 3D Touch then you can turn it off.

What Apps Have 3D Touch?
That's a trickier question to answer. All Apple apps that come with your iPhone will work with 3D Touch, the App Store, Contacts, Messages, FaceTime, Activity, iTunes Store, Apple Store, including Music, Books, Notes, News, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Find iPhone, and Settings.

Beyond Apple's own app, the results vary depending on the developer. Some popular third-party apps that support 3D Touch include Chrome, Amazon, Google Maps, Firefox, Gmail, Instagram, Kindle, Netflix, Snapchat, Uber, Waze, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp.

Apps With Limited 3D Touch

Many applications also work with peek and pop. some apps support only peek and pop. Facebook is one example of this. For Hard press, the icon for Facebook and you get the option share application.

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