Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) Beta

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Android Studio Arctic Fox Beta

Official Android IDE releases the latest Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) Beta, which mainly  focuses on Design, Devices, and Developer Productivity.

You can download it from download  and you can check all the new features which were launched during Google I/O 2021!

   Latest Release Focus On -

 This latest release basically focuses on following 3 - points.

  • Design
  • Devices 
  • Developer Productivity

This is a very promising update for the android developer community.There are many more features related improvements in the Beta version surrounding themes.

So let’s understand the topic.

  1. Design Changes - 

Here we discuss the changes which occurred in design.

Implementing the modern User Interfaces with Jetpack Compose is not easy. But now we have the tools to bridge this gap, 

we can do this - 

  • You can Create different configuration previews
  • Compose Preview code Navigation
  • Test it and Deploy Preview to Devic 
  • By using  Layout inspector you can inspect the entire app

Now you can easily edit strings and numbers in the iterations and you will be able to check updates immediately and it is done by using the Accessibility Scanner in Layout Editor, also you are able to edit the View-based layouts for accessibility problems. 

  1.  Live literals Edit - By using this feature developers can edit the literals such as numbers, booleans, and strings, in their code. With this feature you can easily view the result instantly, so there is no need to wait for compilation. 
  2.  Device Preview Deploy - By using this feature you can deploy a UI to the emulator/device. you can test modules of the code in the device, so there is no need to start the app.
  3.  Layout Editor of Accessibility Scanner - In this release Android Studio has integrated with Android Accessibility Test Framework. By using this you find the accessibility issues in the layouts. So the question is how to use the Layout Editor?, you can use it by clicking on the error report button, when you click on this it launches the panel. Then it reports accessibility-related issues as well it suggests possible fixes too.
  4. Preview Compose - This one is used to create the Composes of UI previews. 
  5. Compose Layout Inspector - By using this users can understand how layouts are rendered on an emulator or how it runs on real devices.
  1. Device Changes - 

Now Android app developers can reimagine apps beyond their phones. Such as Wear OS, Google TV, and Android Auto as well now you have system images, authentic simulations and new emulators for different testing scenarios like-   

  • Now you can pair the phone emulator and watch with Wear OS Pairing functionality
  • You can take a virtual run with Wear OS heart rate sensors
  • You can switch the channels with GoogleTV Remote Control
  • You can drive with Automotive OS Sensor Replay
  1. New System Images for Wear OS - Now users can play and run the latest version of Wear OS. 
  2. Paring The Wear OS - By using this developers can go through step-by-step paring of physical phones with Wear OS emulators directly in Android Studio. 
  3. Remote Control For Google TV - Here you get the remote control panel that has a mapping for new Google TV remote control features such as user profile, settings etc. 
  4. Wear OS Emulators With Heart Rate Sensor - This feature can help you to test the Wear OS applications. 
  5. Sensor Replay For Automotive OS - By using this you can stimulating driving scenarios. 
  6. System Images For New Google TV - This feature will helps you to update the User Interface with freely exploring. 
  1. Developer Productivity Changes - 

By using this feature developer’s workspace are completely ready for the latest systems with optimized quality and speed. These changes gives a boost to developer’s productivity. With this major update Intellij 2020.3, by using this feature developers can now improve -   

  • Android 12 has to offer testing app  
  • UI for Memory Profiler can Improve the app performance
  • WorkManager Inspector with background task relationships 
  • R classes IDE Refactoring to increase build speed
  1. Lint Checks in Android 12 - In this update you get the right guidance in context, like coarse location permission, custom declarations, high sensor sampling rate permission and media formats.
  2. Platform Update For IntelliJ - In this update you get features such as Debugger interactive hints, new Welcome screen, and various code editor enhancements. These are the additional features which will help you to speed up the workflow. 
  3. Emulator tool window withExtended controls - The update is now providing access to all extended emulator controls. Now the android developers have efficient tools for testing their applications such as navigation playback, snapshots, and virtual sensors. 
  4. Support Preview in Apple Silicon - In this update Android Studio Arctic Fox provides preview support for the new architecture of macOS on Apple Silicon.  
  5. Test Matrix with Parallel device testing - you can test the instrumentation across multiple devices. 
  6. R classes Refactoring for Non-transitive - This will initiate faster builds for apps with multiple modules. It also ensures to prevent resource duplication.
  7. Task Inspector for Background - It can be used to monitor, visualize, and debug the app’s background workers. 
  8. New recording UI for Memory Profiler - It can be utilized for different recording activities like native memory allocation, capturing a heap dump. 

So this is all about android studio arctic fox, i hope you like the post if you have any query please contact us.

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