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  • Augmented reality (AR) describes user experiences.
  • ARKit is used to add 3D and 2D elements in our live view using a device camera in such a way that makes those elements appear to inhabit the real world. 

Verifying Device Support and User Permission

  • ARKit requires iOS 11.0 or later iOS OS
  • Require iOS devices with an A9 or later processor.
  • Some ARKit features require specific iOS versions or specific devices
  • ARKit uses a device camera so users need to grant permission for camera access for your app.

Choosing Which Camera Feed to Augment

  • iOS devices come with two cameras
  • For every ARKit session, you need to choose which camera's feed to augment

Displaying an AR Experience with Metal

  • ARKit includes inbuilt classes for easily displaying AR experiences with SceneKit or SpriteKit.
  • For display AR experience in a view, you’ll need to:
    • Get video frames and tracking information from the session.
    • Render those frames images as the backdrop for your view.
    • Use the tracking information to draw AR Content at top of the camera image. 

ar experience


  • The Object that manages all major tasks associated with AR Experience, they are motion tracking, camera passthrough, image analysis, etc.
  1. Declaration
  1. Create a Session
  • let session = ARSession()
  • session.delegate = self

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