Artificial Intelligent in Android Development

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Artificial Intelligent in Android Development

Before we deep dive into the ocean of AI, we have to clear some basic things first.

What is Artificial Intelligent?

  • So first thing first What is AI?  There are lots of definitions about AI but the most common is AI is one kind of machine which learns from previous results and makes the next result more sufficient. It is a machine controlled by humans to make work perfect.
  • AI has its own brain in the form of a computer for learning purposes.
  • AI is capable of learning itself.
  • Humans have emotions to feel anything that way Artificial Intelligent follows humans to adopt that smartness. It is observing human behavior and learning from it.
  • Artificial Intelligent is smart enough to learn from previous results continuously.

What is Android?

  • If you are reading this article then most of the chances are that you are reading it on a smartphone. Android is an open-source operating system for smartphones. As per the latest figures, Android contains a 72 % market share in the smartphone industry. Android was developed in 2008 by an open handset alliance led by google.
  • Smartphones are a revolution in the mobile phone era.
  • As per the latest report in 2020 3.5 billion active users in the world.
  • Now we come to the topic. how we can use AI in application development to make our application more efficient.
  • Now the main question is why we need AI for app development. We are already going in a smooth way. To understand this concern we have to focus on some key factors of AI.
  • Face Detection
  • Text Recognize
  • Object identifying
  • Landmark detection

Face Detection:

  • If you are using a smartphone then you are aware of the face unlocking feature. Just look in the camera and magic happens. Right? But at the back-end process, AI compares your face with an existing database. Pretty accurately and at the speed of light. Here is some usage of face recognition.
  • Some of the countries use face detection systems to surveillance their citizens.
  • A face detection system in smartphones nowadays has become more popular and required. Some of the smartphone companies use dedicated hardware for that.
  • In this technology era transactions become digital. And fraud also becomes digital. For security, we can apply a face detection system.
  • Generally, we are using id and password for any kind of login but what if some of the logins are more sensitive. here, AI becomes our best friend.

Text Recognize:

  • Let me guess you're aware of google translate. It is a very good example of text recognition. Just enter your text and it will automatically recognize your language most of the time.
  • In the Application, developers need to recognize some entered text and some text with the image here in this situation AI comes in the picture.
  • Google translate use the text recognition technique very well for end-user comfort. google translate recognizes a wide number of languages. Around 108 languages are supported by google translate.
  • Text recognition of google translate is smart enough to recognize text in images as well.
  • Dictionary application strongly needs text recognition technique.

Object identifying :

  • Whenever you go to a website there is something annoying that appears before login to confirm that you are human or not. right? It is a captcha by google to help AI for identifying objects more accurately in the future.
  • Google creates a database on the behalf of captcha to make AI better accurate in the future to identify objects.
  • Facebook also uses deep learning and machine learning algorithms to deliver advertisements and for newsfeeds.
  • Google is one step further from other competitors it uses machine learning in google photos as well. Which is to work accurately most of the time to identify any kind of place and people as well.

Landmark detection:

  • If AI has lots of data like pieces of images and videos as a database. It can be better used in the future. It can identify objects more accurately. With the help of captchas and algorithms, AI is now smart enough to recognize certain types of objects which are mostly used in daily life.
  • AI can recognize any kind of place with the help of GPS and suggest to us previous photos and content about it.

Machine Learning

                    Machine Learning

  • Google provides a Machine Learning toolkit which has a predesign module for better implementation of AI in Applications.
  • Google has huge experience in software. It provides a ready-made module for app developers to implement. 
  • The machine is observing human behavior for a future accurate result
  • Ever turn on smart suggestions in your smartphone? if yes, then you can notice the smartphone is smart enough to suggest a chat reply from the notification bar for your WhatsApp and Facebook chat.
  • G-mail is the best example of machine learning it can automatically reply if you need it. It can save lots of time for communication.
  • Some of the customer services use smart bots to chat with customers at the initial level of problems.
  • We are in the Era of the technology revolution. we can't imagine our future without AI and we can't predict the effect of AI in our future.

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