What is a CocoaPod in iOS App Development?

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cocoa pods in ios app development


  • Cocoapod is a dependency manager for Xcode projects 
  • Cocoapods is worked with objective-o and swift 
  • Thousands of libraries and millions of applications use cocoapods.
  • Dependency managers make it easy to add, remove and update third party libraries.
  • For Exp. You need to call some APIs so you need to create your own networking library. Instead of creating a library, you can import the Alamofire networking library for easy management and easy update.

How to use and install cocoapods

  • Install cocoapod in your system using the following code
    “sudo gem install Cocoapods”
    cocoapods in your system

Installing dependency to project 

  • Redirect to project directory and initialize cocoapod 
  • Run following code
    “Pod init”
    Pod init code
  • Now open podfile and add dependency 
    add dependency
  • After adding a dependency to podfile install pod
    “Pod install”
    Pod install
  • After installing dependency open xcworkspace file 
  • Now we can use dependency by using import dependency in our project
  • If we need to update and add more dependencies we can easily do this just we need to add or update the dependency in the pod file and run “pod install”. 

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