How to create a Bridge In React Native Between React Native And Native Code

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create a bridge in react native

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile application structure invented by Facebook. 
It is used for developing applications for Android and iOS mobile devices.

React Native is a JavaScript framework.

Currently, React native has covered up approx 42% market for developed mobile applications in June 2019.

REACT Native has high demand as of now. Most of the developers using this technology to develop android and iOS applications. It will take less time than to do make native code for android as well as iOS.

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What is a Native To React Native Bridge 

In this blog, I am going to explain How to create a Bridge In React native Between React Native And Native Code.
We all know the meaning of a bridge, a bridge built to connect different things. Where we create the bridge between React-Native and Android Native.
React-Native provides a module for creating a bridge between react-native and native, so here we implement that.

Why do we create a bridge –

When you use Bridge, you don't need to type the code of the Android library a second time in React-Native.

Example –

Step 1 –

Create a react native project.

react-native init ToastProject

Got to the project folder.
cd ToastProject

Step 2 –

Open Android Folder in Android Studio

Android Folder

Step 3 –

These two files are important in the Android Native bridge creation (,

Android Native bridge creation

Step 4 –

We define and files.

Step 5 –

To call showToast function we create in the
Here We Design a Button in React Native, hit on that we call the showToast function.
import the { NativeModules }  in app.js file of React Native Project.

import { NativeModules} from "react-native";

Step 7 –

Design and implement code of app.js file.

implement code of app.js file

Output –

bridge between Android and React-Native

Here we have completed how to build a bridge between Android and React-Native

If you have any queries or issues, please feel free to ask.

Happy Coding.

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