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comparison of dart vs javascript

JavaScript reached the top while it entered in the fields of cross-platform mobile application development and server-side app development. As Node.js framework may be used for frontend and backend development, JavaScript has become famous to web developers. With the upward push of React Native through Facebook, additionally, mobile app developers started to move towards JavaScript. As a result, JavaScript stays the most famous programming language to this day.

As an opportunity to JavaScript or React Native, Google created the Flutter framework for cross-platform mobile application development. Flutter makes use of the Dart programming language which isn't always known by many developers. However, in assessment to React Native apps, apps built with Flutter appear slick and lots more native. Why does Google pick Dart over JavaScript or other different programming languages for its flutter platform?

Now, we will compare Dart and JavaScript, the most trending programming languages in the development of cross-platform mobile apps.


JavaScript has been around longer withinside the enterprise and is a mature and stable language. JavaScript could be very easy to use. It has several frameworks and libraries to be had online, so developers can use the existing code for growing apps faster. However, to study the JavaScript syntax, we want to have a simple technical knowledge of programming in general.

Dart is a new language for developers outside of Google. Dart has the documentation but still, it is difficult for new developers to find solutions for some precise problems. Coding syntax and style is the same as Java, hence developers from OOPS background can understand it better and use Dart without any issues.


JavaScript is everywhere. There is sort of no device that doesn't run JavaScript. Currently, Javascript is getting used to writing web, mobile and server-side code. JavaScript has nearly 2.5+ million questions tagged on StackOverflow.

Because of its popularity, the JS ecosystem is huge and now, with the arrival of cloud component hubs, it even dominates the reusable components “market”. Front-end developers will need to look for an opportunity to do that.

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source: Google Trends

Mobile vs Web

JavaScript has ruled each mobile and web app development with one-of-a-kind frameworks. React and React Native from Facebook, JavaScript turned into a growing web and mobile apps for startups. There is a huge number of JavaScript frameworks still to be had in the marketplace for growing web apps, modern web apps, and hybrid mobile apps, e.g Agular,Vue.js, etc.

Similarly to JavaScript, Dart may be used for each mobile and web development. Dart has become popular together with the Flutter framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. Dart may be extensively utilized for developing. Nevertheless, as Flutter’s reputation is growing fast, developers are beginning to take note of Dart. In the end, the destiny of Dart relies upon the success of Flutter.

Integrated development environment (IDE) support

There are a few incredible IDEs and editors available for JavaScript development. JavaScript can use lightweight editors like Vim, Emacs, Sublime Text. However, there are a few IDEs like WebStorm and Visual Studio Code that could work nicely for JavaScript application development.

Dart code can be easily developed and compiled with lightweight editors, however, there are other tools like IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio that already include the Dart plugin and are the most usually used IDEs for Dart application development, specifically for Flutter app development.


JavaScript is an interpreted language, so it would experience lighter and quicker. It’s quicker than different compiled languages like Java. However, Dart proved to be a lot quicker while benchmarked against JavaScript.

Dart may be compiled both AOT and JIT which facilitates building apps in numerous methods as the usage of JIT compilation can speed up development and AOT compilation may be used all through the release process for better optimization. This approach has been used in Flutter app development.

Pros and Cons of Dart

Let’s see the pros and cons of dart language.


  • Open source and Backed through Google and runs without problems on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Dart is about times faster than JavaScript.
  • Dart is type-secure and compiled with each AOT and JIT compiler.
  • Dart could be very scalable throughout projects.
  • Dart is very just like Javascript and clean to study in case you already know Javascript.
  • Dart is used significantly for the Flutter mobile UI framework.


  • Dart language is new to developers and rarely used.
  • Dart language has very limited materials online and it’s hard to find solutions to errors.

Pros and Cons of Javascript

Let’s see the pros and cons of Javascript language.


  • JavaScript may be used for each web and mobile app.
  • It may be used for both frontend and backend, so JavaScript can run on each device.
  • JavaScript has a massive community and fantastic frameworks to be had online.
  • JavaScript is pleasant with different languages, so a lot of different apps can use JavaScript.


  • JavaScript has a few libraries that aren't of desirable quality.
  • Being a dynamic language, programmers could make big mistakes easily.
  • There are regular modifications as new frameworks land after an ordinary interval.
  • One error can crash a whole website.
  • Multi-threading support isn't available.

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