Developing iOS apps for IoT with Firebase

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Developing iOS apps for IoT with Firebase


  • If someone has begun with very limited knowledge of IT, Firebase of google is a good choice of making iOS applications with IoT.
  • Firebase is a trusted server interacting apps.
  1. Real-time database
  • Database stored with JSON format and synchronize with the client in real-time. Firebase server automatic update when any data stored in change.
  • Firebase database calculates the size of the project when users upgrade or expand service.
  • Firebase uses a NoSQL type of database.
  1. Offline work
  • The firebase application is maintained even interruption of internet connection.
  • One data write in the cloud will be stored in the local database of firebase, when the internet connection reconnects client activities update immediately and synchronized to the server.
  1. User authentication
  • Firebase can authentication with Facebook, email, Twitter, Github, and google.
  • We can integrate this function for the backend code of the application as a token or API secret key.
  1. Prices
  • Google firebase provide many services with different size storage and Bandwidth level from the free cost to $1500/month.
  • Firebase bills for data stored in your database and all outbound network traffic at the session layer of the OSI model.
  • Billed of storage at $5 for each GB/month.
  1. ESP8266 and firebase for IoT application
  • It is that Firebase has supported iOS application with the ESP8266 board.
  •  ESP8266 is a self-contained SOC WiFi module.
  • It is Integrated with TCP/IP protocol stack.ESP8266 can give any microcontroller to access our WiFi network.
  • The ESP8266 has the capability of hosting an application or offloading all WiFi networking functions from another application processor.
  • Tensilica L106 32-bit microcontroller unit (MCU) use in ESP8266 and a Wi-Fi transceiver.
  1. Hardware preparation
  2. ESP8266 Wemos D1 (x1 board) 

ESP8266 Wemos D1

  1. 4-relays control board

4-relays control board

2) Software preparation

  • Arduino IDE for programming C code to ESP8266.
  • Library of firebase for ESP8266.
  • Programing Editor for a web app like Notepad++

6) Create an account on firebase



  • If we have already a google account then sign in with Gmail account. Firebase finds your account very easily.

firebase add a project


  • We get started for a new project and fill in all details like project name, project ID, and country/region.
  • After click On Create New project


Creating New project

  • From here we started with a choice of iOS app

choice of iOS app

  • Create a Real-Time Database as per shown above image.

Real-Time Database

  • Set status true as per the above image
  • Now your database is ready to receive and store data

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