Facts About Why Flutter Uses Dart as a Programming Language

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Why Flutter Uses Dart

Before we understand why flutter makes use of Dart as a Programming language or facts about it, Let’s understand what is Dart.

What is Dart?

Google has developed and launched this client-optimized programming language in 2011. If you are a die heart fan of java and c++, you will love to do programming in this language more reason is the syntax of this language is similar to java and c++. Developers can use this language.  Dart programming language code compiles to native or JavaScript to run in different browsers.

  • What coding in dart looks like?

Like most maximum ALGOL languages (Like java)

  • As java and C++, the entry point of dart class in main(). This method indicates that this is the starting point of flutter apps.
  • null is the default value of most data types.
  • Dart classes support Single inheritance. Only one superclass should be there for a particular class.
  • Dart supports abstraction and interfaces as well. One class can be implemented with multiple interfaces.
  • Flow controls like if condition, switch cases and loops are the same as other programming languages.

Unlike (bit like a JavaScript) :

  • All data types are considered as objects so developers have to deinitialized.
  • No need to mention the return type of a method in the method signature.
  • At the end of the subclass’s constructor Super() call.

This is all about what is dart and some likes and dislikes as per the developer’s point of view.  Now let’s discuss the additional advantage of Dart which shows a strong relationship between Flutter and Dart.

Compilation and Execution:-

We have two types of programming languages to develop web applications, one is static languages and dynamic languages. Static means variables are typed statically the same as C language. Dynamic means variables can be changed at runtime.

Current time us for JIT (Just In Time) compilers and AOT (Ahead of Time) compilers that run during the execution of the program and compile it on the fly. The development process is estimated by the time between making a change or alteration to the program and the time is taken to complete the program to see the result of the development. When we cover the AOT compilation, the development process will be slow. It might be considered as a limitation, but the accuracy and the program can be run predictably without interrupting for review and compilation at runtime. 

On the other side of the coin, if we take JIT compilation, it contributes much more development process, but the execution is slow and jerkier. The beginning time for JIT compilers are as it has to give some time for analysis and compilation of the program. User experience will be the main issue for this. Users would leave the app if it takes more time to perform and load.

                                      Compilation and Execution

What will be an effect on program execution if we combine AOT and JIT?

Dart language developers or flutter developers understood this issue before they have started working on the flutter programming language. Dart is remarkably flexible when it comes to compilation and execution.

Dart language provides excellent performance at compiling both AOT and JIT.  The reason why Flutter with dart makes a great pair is the significant benefits. Dart brings by being able of carrying both types of compilation. At the time of flutter multi-language development, with a fast compiler, JIT compilation is performed and when the app is ready for release and deployment, it is compiled AOT. This is how both work when flutter uses a dart.

Flutter Programming Language can also be compiled into JavaScript and it allows the developer to use code between mobile apps and web apps. This language can be compiled and transpiled into other languages too which is not flexible and versatile but extremely fast too.

Dart language has the potential to prevent jank that can be caused because of a variety of reasons. The expectation of Dart gives you better control over the application and you can easily avoid janks in flutter multi-languages.

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