Flutter 1.22 with iOS 14 and Android 11 Support

January 06, 2021 Publish By : Expert App Devs 1 min read Viewed By : 841
Flutter version 1.22

Recently Apple and Google have released the latest version of Apple in iOS 14 and Google has released in Android 11.

So, the Latest Flutter release version on Oct 1, 2020 is supported by iOS 14 app development, Android 11 app development, and some other additional features.

Here are the main features packaged in the Flutter version 1.22 :

Flutter 1.22 also comes with Android 11 support when Google starts selling the new Pixel 5, while it comes with Android 11. New Pixel devices are usually the first to receive the latest Android release.

Flutter is supported in the curve and waterfall display. And internationalization and localization support and the new Dart Dev tool.

Also flutter support in the Universe in material buttons like a textButton, elevated Button, and outlinedButton. 

Flutter team has announced its  WebView and the Google Maps plugin is ready for production. Plugins provide WebView and  Google Maps widgets for flutter applications.

Flutter targeting apps built for iOS 14 also have a few adjustments and bug fixes. Since Xcode 12 requires iOS 9.0 or higher, Flutter's default has gone from iOS 8.0 to iOS 9.0.

Flutter 1.22 includes support for Android 11 for newer types of displays - such as top and bottom notch display devices, cutouts, and the edge of a waterfall display - as well as smooth animation when loading the keyboard.

Flutter 1.22 fixes crash and font rendering issues that have only affected iOS 14, as well as problems deploying physical devices.

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