Google Pay Plugin for Flutter

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Google Pay Plugin for Flutter

Now flutter is introduce to the google pay functionality in 2021, The Flutter community made it easier than ever to integrate Google Pay into flutter applicationsFlutter community open source flutter plugin simplifies the addition of payments to flutter apps on iOS and Android.

Google pay plugin gives you the ability to add functionality to your apps across platforms with a single and familiar codebase written in Dart.

It adapts to the general steps required to facilitate payments that build flutter components, work with the app's user interface, and exchange information between native and dart endings.

Now, as a Flutter developer, you can easily reap the benefits of Google Pay, which provides users with a secure and quick checkout experience that enhances conversions, and frees you from the need to control credit cards and payments.

How it works

To use the plugin, pay as a dependency in your PubSpec.Imail file.

To configure the payment, load the payment profile with the local file or with the desired configuration recovered from the remote server. For a complete list of all configuration options,

Here is an example of a JSON file that defines payment options


payment configuration json

For more examples of JSON files defining payment options, take a look at the example / assets / folder.

You can now use this configuration to add the Google Pay button to your application and forward the payment method chosen by your users.

example of a dart file in here

dart file configuration:

How to use it

The best part of this news is that you can use the plugin today. To get started with it, check out the Pay Package at Pub.Dev. We also want to hear your thoughts and special requests, and look forward to your contributions on GitHub.

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