What Is Hermes on React Native?

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hermes on react native

Every framework comes with its own set of limitations, also React-Native has no exception. React-Native also has a few limitations. Many companies have followed the suit and moved out of React-Native.

There is a list of limitations of the react-native framework 

1. Applications with complex User Interfaces

Just imagine if you are developing a chat application that application required Lot of Processes running in the background and a High Level of Customization. If you are asking the developer for this type of application which platform you choose there is a chance is less To say react-native.
a native application is a better solution for creating smooth and complex animation as compared to react-native. And talking about hardware usage like camera, touch id, GPS, etc. you need to use the native framework to access this feature.

2. Building utilities such as battery monitors

When developers are going to develop utilities like Battery Monitor, media player, anti-virus, etc this is much easier in native application development as compared to react-native because react-native calls native using the bridge. and if you implement this feature in react native it is a very time taking process compared To the native app. In the native application, we can directly access the API future.

3. Third-Party Resources

There is some specific requirement we need to download a third-party resource and implement that library in the react-native application. What that you need to reconsider using react-native App building 
Let's  take one instance the use of the Tab bar In iOS, it is easy to implement but in Android, It isn't you need to add Third party resources and libraries these are increased dependency and You can't control
This is a Fact of react-native updates happening Very frequently. there is the chance your third-party library or resources gets too outdated. according to the Facebook React-native update schedule in a month.
 if you build an app that heavily depends on third-party resources then you need to think before choosing to react-native.

4. Testing and implementing hassles

If you are an app developer to help boost your go-to-market speed this is because a newer developer who is learning the routes of react-native Chrome debugger elements needs it properly.
It is a struggling CPU task. react-native have some performance-related challenges and multithreading
In react-native, some components are behaving train for both platforms so that has occurred testing hassles
majority of the case it doesn't work like Show use cases

5. No support for parallel threading or multiprocessing

Take me to the consistency of a single thread JavaScript exhibition so some slow performance and some are executed in a parallel you application made suffer due to this.

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