How to Create a RESTful API For Your Mobile App (Fast) 2021

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Create a RESTful API For Your Mobile App

In this article, I am going to discuss “How to Create a RESTful API For Your Mobile App (Fast)” in API, in the past few years Api has gained a lot of popularity. 

About RESTful API -

RESTful APIs are also cacheable. This means that the client has the capability of storing the client. As a result, the API has improved performance.

RESTful APIs are commonly used as RESTful web services because they implement REST principles as well HTTP protocol.




REST APIs handle the server-side of the web application. The backend is built once and used many can provide content or data for front end, mobile, or other server-side apps.

Many examples of RESTful API response formats include:

  • JSON
  • REST
  • PHP
  • SOAP

Furthermore, a Some popular request formats for RESTful APIs are:

  • REST
  • SOAP


Advantages -

• High performance

• Quick & easy development

• Easy to write API 

• interaction code

• Streaming support

• Run on a  single thread to handle multiple concurrent requests

• Monitoring possibilities

• Authentication support

• Lightweight, fast, and scalable

Restful  API Example - 

Step 1 —  Get method API Method  : 


Step 2 — :  Show  Result API




    "id": 29,

    "type": "programming",

    "setup": "There are many types of people in this world...",

    "punchline": "Those who understand binary "



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