iOS Font Size Guidelines for Universal App

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ios font size guidelines

When we design an iPhone or iPad app but we are not sure what font size to use?
So here are iOS font size guidelines

iPhone Typography Guidelines


Titles (of page) 17 pt Medium font weight
Paragraph text, Link 17 pt -
Secondary Text 15 pt Lighter color
Tertiary text, Captions, Segmented buttons 13 pt -
Form Controls 17 pt Highlight important buttons with medium font weight
Tab bar Action bar 10 pt Don't go smaller than this



→ iOS has some big title of 34 pt if it will scroll then 17 pt

title 34 pt

scroll title 17 pt



→ In List View, the item title should be Medium with 17 pt size.
→ Item Description should be Regular with 15 pt size.
→ Item body should be regular with 15 pt.

list views


Form Controls 

form controls text semebold 17pt

→ In button, Text should be Semibold with 17pt.

form controls text semebold 15pt

→ In the segment, In active item text size should be 15pt with Medium.
→ Active item text size should be 15pt with semibold.

text input 17pt

→ In text Input, the text size should be 17pt with Regular.


Action Bar

action bar

→ We are familiar with the action bar in the bottom of the screen
→ In the Action bar, Tab bat title should be medium with a 10pt size


iPad Typography Guidelines

ipad typography semibold 17pt

→ In iPad, the app title should be semibold with 17pt size

→ Other are bigger with regular and 28pt size like bottom image:-

typography semibold 28pt


→ The apple popup is a good example of modals


→ In the alert, the Title text should be Medium with 17pt
→ Description text should be regular with 13pt
→ Text Input should be Regular with 13pt
→ Cancel action should be  Regular with 17pt and Default action should be Medium with 17pt

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