iOS14 Overview for Developers

December 23, 2020 Publish By : Expert App Devs 5 min read Viewed By : 648
iOS 14 overview for developers

Apple has recently launched iOS 14 with many new features onboard. Let’s have a look at the new features in terms for developers.

  • Widgets on the Home Screen:

The first time Apple has introduced widgets for the home screen. Widgets can be picked from the Today view(First screen) right onto the Home Screen and can be pinned in various sizes. Developers can create their own widgets as well using a new API that lets them take benefit of the redesigned widgets, including the ability to position them on the Home screen and show them at the right time in the right place.

  • App Library :

Apple has introduced this feature to arrange apps on your iPhone to see everything at a glance. Apps are arranged into your folder system, but there are also Apple-created folders like suggestions based on team and all and Apple arcade that intelligently surface apps. New app downloads can be added to your home screen or kept in the app library to keep your home screen detergent.

  • Incoming phone calls and Siri requests :

Based on user requests, apple introduced several compact user interfaces from iOS 14 like minimized phone call pop up. Incoming phone calls and Siri requests no longer acquire the full screen. Phone calls show up in a small banner on the iPhone's display while activating Siri shows a small animated Siri icon at the bottom of the screen of the phone.

  • Picture in Picture :

Apple iOS 14 introduced many handy features, Picture in Picture is one of them.

With the use of this, users can watch videos or communicate on FaceTime while also using other apps at the same time, with FaceTime or a video playing in a small window that small window can be resized and relocated to any corner of the screen.

  • Siri is smarter in iOS 14 :

From iOS 14, Siri can send audio messages through the messages app. Siri will get the confirmation when the user finishes the audio recording to share audio messages. Siri can share estimated time through apple maps. Siri can answer a greater range of questions with information pulled from across the internet. Keyboard dictation runs on the device, adding an extra layer of privacy for composed messages.

  • App Clips :

Apple has introduced app clips and with this user can access and experience what your app has to offer. App clips are fast and lightweight so users can open them. From iOS 14 launch, Apple has introduced App Clips, which will let users take benefits by checking some app features without downloading the full app. iOS 14 users can order a coffee, book a restaurant or fill a parking meter by scanning a code and without downloading an app. Apple has described App Clips as just a "tiny part of full application" designed to be found at the moment as and when required. App Clips work through Apple-designed App Clip codes, NFC tags, or QR codes, and can also be shared in Communications or from Safari browser.

  • Messages app :

Apple users can now pin an important conversation so that it stays at the top of the app. A new inline replies feature can be used to reply to a specific message in a conversation, which is very useful in club chats.

For club conversations, Apple added an @mention feature, which means a group chat can be muted but we can notify the respective users. 

Group chat photos can be modified with an image or an emoji, and the icons for each person at the top of a chat indicate that who was the last speaker.

There are new Memoji options which include hairstyles, headwear, and face covering. Few stickers are for the hug, fist bump, and blush. Memoji is more powerful than ever thanks to revised facial and muscle formation.

  • Health app :

For the Health app, Apple has added support for sleep tracking on the apple watch as well, plus a Health checklist for managing health and safety features (Emergency SOS, Medical ID, Fall Down Detection, and ECG).

  • Weather app :

From iOS 14, the weather app is also revised. There's info on severe weather events, a next-hour precipitation chart, and minute-by-minute precipitation readings when rain is forecast, all features get from Apple's Dark Sky acquisition.

  • Apple Maps :

The Apple Maps app provides cycling directions for bikers and cyclists, with the directions taking into account elevation, how busy a street is, and whether there are stairs along the route. There's an add-on option for the electric vehicle owner to a route with EV charging stops customized for current vehicle and charger types.

  • Translate app :

There's a new Apple-designed translate app that provides text and voice translations, which supports 11 languages as of now. Users can talk with someone that speaks a separate language, and it automatically detects the language being spoken and translates competently.

As of now, iOS 14 supports 11 languages in the translate app - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

  • Augmented Reality :

AR experiences can be placed at a particular geographic location so you can view them in some of your most favorite places around the globe — throughout cities, alongside famous landmarks, and even in your region.

  • Default third-party apps :

Apple users can set third-party apps as their default apps from iOS 14. You'll be able to set chrome or Gmail as your default browser and email app respectively, for example, so when the user taps a link or an email address, it'll automatically always open in those default applications.

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