Latest iOS Mobile App development Trend That Matter in 2021

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iOS App Development

With the growth of the iPhone, Apple is now ready with a new breathtaking future iOS trends and technology. Consumer’s lives have become more relaxed with new trending apps in 2021. iOS mobile applications have taken center stage to promote customer commitment and increasing trade.

Developing only a trending app is not enough, it should be futuristic and developed with advanced technology to power the app. Today, the mobile device is surprisingly affecting business models and the marketplace with a higher rate of transformation. As per the survey, revenue generated by the mobile industry reportedly reaches $693 billion.

Let's move ahead and find out the encouraging trends for iOS mobile app development to outsmart your opponents.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

We can control our bedroom and kitchen with the internet of things. Example of IoT:- Think you are in your office and forgot to lock your house. You don’t need to go to your house to lock the door. You can lock your house door at your location. You need the internet, an IoT app, IoT powered lock system. It does not use only the office or home. In the future, everything can be controlled by IoT devices.

IoT products like Amazon Dash button, August Smart Lock, Philips lighting system, etc.

Many business organizations are shifting to IoT systems. It shows that IoT apps will be in trend.

Future Trends

  • Smart homes and cities
  • Healthcare
  • Self-driving automobiles

2. 5G Network

  • The 5G network is expected to reach the market by 2021. According to statistics, in 2021  5G connection will see a rise between 20 million to 100 million.
  • Apple Made provision for 5G network in latest release  iPhone 12
  • 5G Expected to be super-fast compared to 4G. It will be about 90-95 times faster.
  • 5G is a high-speed network with low latency and more stability.
  • 5G can play streams of 4k Without buffering and also help to improve the connectivity of IoT systems.

Future application of 5G network

  • Driverless vehicle system
  • Wireless healthcare services
  • Cloud computing

3. Beacon Technology

Just imagine you search for shoes paired with a specific brand or model on google and you want to try as physically. But while you go to the store, the app on your phone will show you which store has your product with price and specification.

It's not an idea, Beacon technology can possibly do that.

Beacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) signals. When the Phone enters the Beacon zone, The app receives the signal immediately and provides notification and guidelines.

Beacon Reduce path between users and companies.

Many industries have already installed beacons in their service like hotels, healthcare, museums.

We will get to see more and more ios mobile application development services using a beacon-based app and location in 2021.

 Future Applications of Beacon

  • Healthcare
  • Travel and tourism
  • Powered mobile payment
  • Physical game(clue game, treasure hunt)

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When we hear artificial and Intelligence and Machine Learning What comes to mind?

We think of virtual assistants like Siri, Google assistant, Replica, etc.

AI will play more roles in our live 2021. It will play like face recognition, AI-based camera, Voice Translation.

AI and ML combination is very useful in complex activities in Mobile Development Company.

It can learn the developing process from previous data and detect problems and fix-in real-time.

future of AI

Machine Learning can understand from our buying previous data. So we want next time online shopping the app will guide your desired product without browsing them.

This is very useful in E-commerce app development.

When combining AI and IoT, we do not need to tap fingers to get things done.AI will automatically control our home, device, and automobile, etc.

Future trend of AI

  • Smart camera with subject recognition
  • Language and voice translation
  • AI-powered face lock
  • App authentication with cybersecurity
  • Adaptive battery with more life

5. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

  • AR and VR are already successful in iOS game development and it’s going to be more successful in the future.
  • Apple has ARkit and google’s ARcore.They have many features like Motion tracking. People occlusion, Understanding of environment and light estimation

So we can expect many apps based on AR systems will come into mobile apps. It will benefit industries like Healthcare, tourism, retail, education, marketing, etc.

Mixed Reality comes from our social media experience as well. Facebook has already introduced facebook space to connect our friends through VR.

Instagram now allows you to make filters of your own old reality filters.

Many mixed Reality smart glasses available like hololens, magic leap, Oculus Go, etc. to provide an interactive and best experience.

By using AR/VR applications, Doctors can perform live surgery from different religions in real-time over a long distance

Disadvantage of AR:-

  • It Quite expansive use in everyday life
  • Regarding user experience, reality may be inappropriate in some situations

Advantage of VR:-

  • Make education easy and more comfort
  • User can experience the artificial environment

Disadvantage of VR:-

  • VR Becoming more simple but still, programmer stuck with how to interact with a virtual environment
  • People often live in the virtual world instead of a real one

Future trends of AR and VR:-

  • AR-based on the virtual user manual
  • Visual Learning
  • Designation navigator
  • Live music festival
  • Exploration activities

6. Wearables

Many people already use smart jewelry, smartwatch, body Sensors, Google glass, etc.

We can control and communicate this device through various mobile applications.

But if we integrate IoT, we can control devices using the internet.

We can track body movement, Heartbeat, walking steps, Temperature of the body, Blood oxygen level, etc. So it is very good for the healthcare, fitness and sports industry.

In 2021 we will see wearable in many forms.

Future trends of  Wearables

  • Mind reading glass
  • Smart shoes
  • Smart shirt and buttons
  • Smart pants

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