New React Dev Tools in 2021

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New React Dev Tools

In this article we are going to cover the important React DevTools, We think before starting with React DevTools, it must discuss something about JavaScript, so javascript is famous for multiple frameworks and tools that are created around every week by the javascript team. 

And we all know about react which is the most popular framework of javascript and when it comes to picking the IDE or stylesheet for your new React project, there are many options out there. So the fight is about picking the right one.

Here we are trying to cover them all-important dev tools, so you are able to choose the right one. Let’s start at…

Where do you get the DevTools -

You can find the React DevTools as an extension for Chrome and Firefox. If the extension is already installed then it should update automatically. Check this link for Chrome React Developer tools

If you use  React Native or Safari, then you need to install the new version of DevTools using NPM.

npm install -g react-devtools@^4

These React DevTools you need to know in 2021 - 
Here we are going to list down some of the important React native Developer tools, so follow the complete article to know more about react.

  1. Create The React App: This is a single CLI that is released by Facebook. it helps the developers to speed up their processes for setting up the environments for new React projects. 

    Using this tool you find a frontend UI that sets up a developer environment. And it also optimizes the production of apps. After this developers don’t need to spend time 

    configuring it, and now developers can use it with any backend language, most importantly creator of this is - Facebook.
  2. React Developer Tools - We think we all know about these tools, if not then no issue let’s discuss, because this one is a favorite of many developers, and it released its 4th version which contains a lot of new features that help developers a lot for debugging purposes. 

    In this dev tools, you find the components tabs which show you the list of rendered components of the screen also show the subcomponents from others. 

    You can select any of them and inspect or even you are able to edit their state and props. Here you find one more tab which is also very important that is the profiler tab. By using this you are able to measure app performance. 

  3. Jest - Jest is a React testing tool, Jest is a very favorite tool of many developers. Basically it’s a JavaScript testing framework which is created by Facebook. 

    This is used for testing React components. And it is also designed by the React creator,   developed and supported by the React community, maybe you select it as your first choice in terms of testing with React components. also it works with other JS like Babel, TypeScript, Node, Angular etc.

    Jest is configuration free and this is an out-of-the-box solution. Here the testing process is designed to keep the highest performance. Such as, if your previous test is failed then that test is run first in the next iteration. 

  4. React Navigation - React Navigation offers the extensible and usable navigation solution and this is based on JavaScript. And this becomes the more usable tool by react developers, you can start this instantly because it provides the built-in navigators that provide a great experience and it was created by Brent Vatn

  5. React Sight - React Sight is also a Chrome extension you can install by using the google chrome. It helps you in your inspection related task. Such as after installing React DevTools, you can go back to the extensions list and here you search for React Sight Now install it just like any other extensions. For using tis extension you need to enable the “Allow access to file URLs”  from the extension settings for React Dev Tools and React Sight.

    Now run your React application, or open any website running on React. now you’ll find a new tab as part of the DevTools called “React Sight”.

  6. Storybook - Storybook is another React tool which you can use to create, develop and test your UI components. It provides a UI and development environment both. By using Storybook, you can easily set up the development environment for UI components and also easily test it and display them.

    It also provides a functionality to build a static version of Storybook on your server. Or you can share those components with all the team members. because it doesn’t extract or distribute components across projects. The creator of this is Arunoda Susiripala

  7. React Styleguidist - React styleguidist is an interactive environment for developing out of the way React components.By using Styleguidist developers can focus on building only one component at a time, also developers are able to see all its variants and it work faster with hot reload. 

    By using this team can share components easily and also keep all of components at one place for clarity. These tools also work with Create React App out of the way and also support the ES6, Flow and TypeScript and creator of this is Artem Sapegin

  8. Redux - Redux is a very popular JS state management container. If you want your complicated app to behave consistently, then you need to make use of Flux, and Redux is the best way for doing this.

    If you want to make it easier then you can use a dedicated toolkit for Redux. It is a Redux Toolkit and it's ready to use and also helps to write the Redux logic.

    You can also use the Redux Devtools, it is a live editing tool for testing and debugging redux code. And also it will help you find out when and why your reducers don't work properly. This tool is available as browsers extensions, apps, and a React component you can use any of them. The creator of redux is Dan Abramov

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