React Native or Flutter What to choose for Mobile App Development?

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react native or flutter for mobile app development

Let’s understand what is React Native. 

React Native is an open-source mobile application structure invented by Facebook. It is established to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP by permissive developers to use React along with native platform efficiency.

React Native is a JavaScript framework.

This framework is used to write real, natively translation mobile apps for Android and ios. 

Currently, React native has covered up 42% market in developing applications in 2021.

REACT Native is a high pick for those developers who have the ability in JavaScript as there is no demand to learn Android exact Java or iOS Swift.

Let’s understand what is Flutter

To Understand what flutter is, we need to gain some knowledge about Dart. Dart is a programming language that is used for developing flutter apps. 

Google has developed and launched this client-optimized programming language in 2011. If you are a die heart fan of java and c++, you will love to do programming in this language. The reason is the syntax of this language is similar to java and c++. Developers can use this language.  Dart programming language code compiles to native or JavaScript to run in different browsers.

Flutter allows you to create iOS, Android, Web, and desktop app. 

Now let’s check what is the difference between React Native and Flutter. 

  1. Created By?
    • React Native is created by the Facebook developer team. 
    • Flutter is created by the Google developer team.
  2. When it is created?
    • React Native 1st was officially released in March 2015.
    • Flutter 1st was officially released in Des 2018. 
  3. Popularity on Github
    • On GitHub in Aug 2021, Flutter has 128K stars. 
    • On GitHub in Aug 2021, React native has 97.4K stars. 
  4. Do both languages provide Hot Reloading?
    • Yes, React native and flutter both are providing hot reloading. 
  5. UI
    • Flutter components look good as up-to-date on older versions of the OS. 
    • React Native components look ok based on the OS version. 
  6. Performance 
    • React Native and Flutter both are providing Good performance. 
  7. Sharing Code 
    • Flutter allows you to create a single code which will run on Android, iOS, desktop apps, and Web. 
    • React native allows the same code sharing as Flutter But There is only a few libraries that are allowed to work on desktop apps as well as web apps. 
  8. Top Apps which is using this technology
    • BMW, Nu Bank, Google Assistant, Tencent, Square are apps developed in Flutter. 
    • Facebook, Instagram, Tesla developed in React Native. 


If you want to create apps which are run on web or desktop apps then you need to consider Flutter which is more reliable. But If you want to create an app which is run on Android and iOS then you choose React native because there are multiple libraries available which reduce your work. 


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