React Native with H2

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react native with h2 2021

React Native with H2 Introduction -

React native improves itself day by day so in H2 it introduces the new architecture of react native which is near to launch. And its strength is open source. In this, it improves the following areas.

new architecture coming in h2 2021

  1. Community Engagement -

    As we all know about the react-native, react native team shares his vision with the community to improve the community and share his progress too with the community.
  2. New Architecture and Release -

    In H1 Facebook app has a surface of marketplace, dating, and tab, etc and it migrates near about 1000 surfaces.

    But in H2 facebook brings the new architecture for the community, in this he provides a playbook where you find the way of migrating the library and application.

    The React Native team already shares his playbook with those who manage a broad react native library. Once the playbook is stable the team will share it publicly.
  3. Repository Health -

    When any technology is evaluated then the developer must take care about his repo. We can find out these impressions by the stars, age and pull requests, etc. they review the request in a timely manner.
  4. New Architectural Capabilities -

    In facebook mobile app it has already rolled up, here are some of the new capabilities which change the performance curve of react-native.

    This supports the Concurrent render in react native, Concurrent rendering used for pause the work and resume the high priority event like gesture handling, etc. also concurrent rendering makes the use of CPU idle.
  5. Mobile and Beyond -

    We all know the success of react with the Facebook app. And some of the other amazing products we saw. Now we want to bring this success with some other platforms too. I think the react-native team believes that exploring more platforms gives you learning of new things and challenges too.
  6. Messenger Desktop -

    React native works for best experience with desktop messaging and also react-native partnershipping with Facebook messenger team so he enables that type of experience which is possible only in the desktop view.

    React Native team has the vision to deliver a delight, high quality, and native desktop user experience.

    Now the messenger team has a plan for a messenger desktop app with react native and it has new capabilities too.

    So react-native continues the process of enabling great experience with desktop messengers too.
  7. React Native in Virtual Reality -

    I think we all know about the importance of virtual reality in this era and the coming era too, and one more thing which must we know about is Oculus has used react-native to power the great experience for its store where people can buy the applications and VR games.

    In H2 we have great news related to VR because reacting native and Oculus are partnerships for bringing new exciting experiences with VR.

    It also improves the optimizations for VR to the mobile experience. With the help of this react native supports the unique requirements of VR, such as controllers and memory optimizations, etc.

    So this is great news for react native and VR developers it seems we got something very important.

I hope you like the H2 plans and you guys are excited to see that changes,

If you have any queries or issues, please feel free to ask.
Happy Coding.

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