Supporting iOS 14 and Xcode 12 with Flutter

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Supporting iOS 14 and Xcode 12 with Flutter app development

Flutter has released a new stable version 1.22 recently with the latest updates and tweaks for Flutter developers. As a development team, let’s discuss on some points that developers need to keep in mind to support iOS 14 with Flutter app development:

1. Target iOS 14

  • Xcode 12 requires OS version in iOS 9.0 or up
  • In iOS 14 some specific crashes and font rendering issue is fixed in Flutter 1.22
  • Deploying problem to physical devices is fixed from flutter 1.20.4
  • New policy changed to show user notification when app access clipboard  and it was fixed from flutter 1.20.4
  • One new policy for network security for local debuggers app for iOS 14 to show a dialog for one-time confirmation( it for during development, not for the released app)
  • All work on tooling and SDK support - it is the advantage of new iOS 14 features. 

2. Launching Flutter with Flutter tools
In the version of flutter earlier than 1.20.4, Due to low-level changes in iOS debugger mechanisms, the developer is stable and won’t be able to launch the app. This effect on debugging, profile, publish build, debug builds, add-to-app modules, and running straight of x-code are natural.

After updating Flutter 1.22 beta, allow us to build, test, and deploy to iOS externally any issue.

Updating to Flutter 1.20.4 is steady to enable you to build and deploy in iOS 14, but the developer can’t debug.

3. Clipboard notifications
If your iOS 14 app uses text fields or text input, you should make your production apps with Flutter version 1.20 or the 1.22 beta to assure that clipboard access notifications are not fake seen when developing with text fields or text input.
4. System font rendering
If your iOS 14 app uses system fonts such as San Francisco (used by default by Cupertino widgets), the text will be incorrectly rendered in a condensed letter spacing due to changes in iOS’ font loading mechanism. This hits debug and production apps on iOS 14.

To ensure correct font rendering, you should build your production apps with Flutter version 1.22 beta.
5. Apple updated Policy
If your iOS 14 app uses TextField, CupertinoTextField, or TextFormField, you’ll want to confirm that it’s built with Flutter version 1.20 or later. To ensure that your users are not concerned by unnecessary clipboard notification messages, as per apple’s updated clipboard policy.
6. What issues are fixed?
Many issue-related crashes, rendering, and deployment are fixed.

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