What’s New in Flutter 2.2

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flutter 2-2 features and dart 2-13

Developers, after they heard Google is announcing Flutter 2.2, It’s just been months, and now once more a brand new update!? Isn’t it developing like a palm tree? Well, Developers feel happy that they have already switched to Flutter, though it won’t be that tough to migrate to Flutter today.

At the I/O conference, the Flutter crew confirmed over 200,000 apps created with Flutter alone in the Play Store. More than one in every eight new apps withinside the Play Store are built with Flutter. Big organizations like Shein, BMW, Tencent, and new rising organizations use Flutter to create the most revolutionary apps.

In the world, while developers are already migrating to Flutter, Flutter 2.2 update is a pleasure. With Flutter 2.2 launch, you get the way out for optimizing and enhancing the performance of iOS apps, Android apps, Web, and Desktop apps. Moreover, there are advanced textual content handling, more material icons, automatic scrolling behavior on mobile and desktop, and lots of thrilling functions. Further, you could additionally locate new functions with a preview state in Flutter 2.2.

So, allow us to spotlight the crazy Flutter 2.2 capabilities Google brings in the Flutter 2.2 launch note.

Introduction of Flutter 2.2

Flutter 2.0 prolonged the platform support from its roots beyond mobile through allowing web, desktop, and embedded usage. The new update Flutter 2.2 is designed for providing an extensive style of device support and form factors for a consistent experience.

Flutter 2.2 is to allow businesses and startup marketers to create premium quality solutions. They can optimize the entire ability in their market, removing target platform limitations, making creativity the priority.

Dart 2.13

Dart is a mystery sauce empowering cross-platform Flutter, additionally receives updates with new functions followed through Flutter 2.2. Dart 2.13 brings a pair of recent features to its FFI for calling C code, official Docker support, and Google Cloud assist for Dart backends. Supplementary, it gives support type aliases to make your code more readable and maintainable.

Flutter 2.2 features:

Boost Performance

Dart’s AOT feature, Flutter has added support for Android apps to download modules ahead of time and code at runtime. They name those installable split deferred components. It can considerably reduce the initial app size and enable the download of capabilities and assets when a user needs them.

For iOS, on the alternative hand, the brand new update gives new tooling to precompile shaders to eliminate or reduce the first-run jank. The jank is a result that takes place when the time to bring together shaders (software to be compiled and run at the GPU available at the stop user’s device) is going beyond the time frame. Noteworthy, those development capabilities of Android and iOS are currently in preview mode.

Null safety improvements

Now that Google’s Dart helps null safety, it's far enabled through default on each new project. This way it provides safety against app crashes and null reference exceptions.

Flutter web and desktop improvements

Flutter for the web, the most modern stable platform, has additionally progressed with the latest update. Previously, the service worker downloaded updates withinside the app background while giving users access to the app’s stale version. Thereby, users couldn’t see new modifications without refreshing the browser more than one time.

Now with Flutter 2.2, the service worker has stepped forward with the loading mechanism and double-downloading of main.dart.js. Moreover, they have introduced support for font functions for HTML render and computeLineMetrics for each HTML and CanvasKit. Both the web renders have quite improved with this new update.

Though in preview state, Flutter 2.2 provides a bit of stability to building computer apps. It helps you to write platform adaptive apps. Moreover, it lets you run your apps at the desktop even as enhancing tools, widgets at some stage in development.

Auto-scroll and mouse cursor improvements

In this launch, whenever content exceeds the display screen height scrollbar could be added automatically. Before this launch on Android and iOS, there may be no scrollbar added automatically; developers have to feature it manually.

You can now customize the scrollbars with the new updates. Using ScrollBarTheme you may change it app-extensive and for particular screen ScrollBehavior.

As we know, TextSpan isn't a widget and we are able to alternate the mouse cursor while hovering over a clickable widget except TextSpan. Now it's beyond that with Flutter 2.2 the user gets the corresponding mouse cursor while using Gesture with TestSpan. Flutter supports two additional events of onEnter and onExit events.

Flutter Dev tools improvements

The development device is essential as the end product which facilitates developers to build more memory efficient and error-free applications and the Flutter crew are aware of it very well. In the context of that during this release, they have added new memory tracking enhancements and an entire new tab for the ‘provider’ plugin.

Memory tracking improvement offers the developer the ability to track down wherein objects are allocated. It’s certainly useful to discover a memory leak in code. And every other captivating characteristic in the dev tool is that a developer can inject custom messages into the memory timeline. Using this option, the developer can take a look at whether he's cleaning up things properly or not.

Sometimes you want to track down packages in package Dev tools. In the dev tool, a new extra tab was introduced which is devoted to the provider package. You will automatically see a new provider tab every time the usage of the provider package with the trendy flutter version.

Payments and monetisation

Flutter 2.2 adds a new plugin for Google Pay on iOS and Android and a new Ad format using Google mobile Ads SDK.

With the official Pay plugin from the Google dev group, it will become easy to implement the payment method on each platform. It’s less difficult than earlier than to monetize the app via in-app purchases, payments, and Ads.


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