What’s New in iOS 15 notification

November 23, 2021 Publish By : EXPERT APP DEVS 2 min read Viewed By : 39
whats new in ios 15 notification

iOS 15 made some updates for notification, improving the look and how to deliver you and the control that you have over them.

New look for a notification

  • Notification is shown larger app icon so users can easily identify the app
  • If you get a text message from someone from the app then it shows a contact photo. It will help to easily identify who is messaging you.
  • This feature work in the built-in apple app and third-party apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, and other show contact photo in the notification.

new look for notification


Notification Summary

  • Notification summary is an opt-in feature that you control when notifications from unimportant apps are delivered.
  • In setting app goto notification section, Tapping on notification summary and do initial setup process.

notification summary

  • In the notification summary, you can select a specific time for deliver a notification.
  • You can set a notification summary for delivering multiple times per day.

notification summary multiple times per day

  • Notification summary set by default at 8:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M but you can change time and can add additional delivery time.
  • iPhone shows a notification summary with a dedicated section ahead of those time so you will never miss any notification even an unimportant one.

Muting Notification

  • APP sending notification which you can mute temporarily either for the next hour or for the entire day.

Time-sensitive notification

  • In notification summary, notifications that are time-sensitive still are delivered right away. So if you wait for food, a ride, or a banking fraud alert you will know immediately and won’t miss the notification summary.

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