xCode 13 New Features

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xcode 13 new features

xCode 13 introduce a new version of Swift language with version 5.5
Introduce new SDK for iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and Watch OS 8

1. Design

  • Xcode 13 introduces a new file icon according to file type.
  • We can also hide the File extension name from the general setting.

2. Autocompletion improvement

  • Automatic import. 
  • For example, I’m using UIView but not imported UIKit then it will automatic import UIKit.
    automatic import UIKit 
  • Now the editor also detects when you are trying to wrap optional values with if..let OR guard..let.
  • it completes your code block by just writing “if let (first letter of optional value )” and it will give suggestions.
    wrap optional values
  • Deeper Property 
  • Xcode 13 offers autocomplete properties inside properties.
    Deeper Property
  • Enum case with switch:
  • Now we can autocomplete all enum cases in the switch case with the condition.

3. Column breakpoint

  • Now you can add a breakpoint in a certain point instead of the whole line.
    Column breakpoint

4. Version control

  • Apple introduced version control in Xcode.
  • But in XCode 13 they give a massive update for version control. 
  • Now in Xcode 13, it is easy to compare changes between two versions code.
  • Now you can also take an open pull request in Xcode and also invite a reviewer.
    Version control

5. Xcode Cloud

  • Select the Archive Action
  • select the archive action for its scheme
    Archive Action
  • Choose a Product
  • Select the Cloud tab, and then click Create Workflow.
    Create Workflow
  • Choose your application and click on next
    Choose your application
  • Grant Xcode Cloud Access to Your Code
    Xcode Cloud Access
  • Xcode cloud is a combination of Xcode, TestFlight, and AppStore Connect into CI/CD system 
  • Start Your First Build
  • Now Choose a branch and start building. Xcode cloud takes checkout of the branch code and starting build code.
    start building

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