When to use MVVM and When to use MVC Architecture While Developing iOS Application

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MVVM vs MVC Architecture
  •              Understanding MVC

MVC is the architecture consists three main sections:

                   MVC architecture three main sections

  • The Model
  • The View
  • The Controller
  • MVC framework is an architecture that separates an app in three main components  Model, View, and Controller. MVVM facilitates a separation of development of the GUI with the help of mark-up language or GUI code
  • In MVC architecture controller is the entry point to the Application And in MVVM architecture the view is the entry point to the Application.
  • MVC Model components can be tested separately from the user, while MVVM is easy for separate unit testing.
  • In MVC architecture has "one to many" relationships between Controller and  View , In MVVC architecture, "one to many" relationships between View and View Model.
  • Component Detail :- 
  1. Model

  • Model is holds all the properties of the particular objects
  • Model is providing the data to the required fields not doing any type of operation on it
  1. View

  • View is the face of your app that contains all ui components. This does not contain domain-specific logic. For Ex.  Storyboard, XIB and cell is our view of the class where we are showing the data.
  1. Controller

  • The Controller is that part of the Application that handles the communication between model and view .
  • it receives structured data from the Model/ViewModel and passes that data to View to display it on screen.
  •            Understanding MVVM

                  MVVM architecture

  1. Model

  • Model is holds all the properties of objects.
  • Model is providing the data to the required fields on UI not doing any type of logical operation on it
  1. View

  • In MVVM View is the face of your application, the only difference is a load of views is distributed and no logical part is included in View. 
  • It only gets data from the view model classes and shows the data on view. 
  • In MVVM Architecture the view doesn’t have direct communication with the model class.
  1. View Model

  • This thing was newly added in MVVM architecture instead of the Controller. 
  • That doesn’t mean the controller is not playing any role in MVVM. 
  • In MVVM controllers are playing the same role as MVC. 
  • The difference is it doesn’t communicate with the model directly instead it communicates with the View-model. View model performs all the logical operations and relieves the controller.

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