Why Has Flutter Become The Best Choice To Develop A Startup Mobile App In 2020?

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Flutter Best Choice To Develop A Startup Mobile App

Flutter provides native like performance for android and ios devices and provides support for desktop apps and web. Flutter is managed by Google.

Flutter is an open-source platform. Flutter is supported in macos, windows, and Linux systems.

Fluter uses the dart programming language and writes a single codebase and runs on all devices like mobile, tablet, and web.

Flutter provides animation widget and other widgets.

Flutter  provides multiple widgets like a row,column,text,align ect. And support inbuilt orientation builders.

And also give multiple options to use services like http, dio etc. and using for mvc and BLOC architecture structure.

Flutter provides a beautiful ui and advanced design and many big apps are transferred to Flutter like ebay,alibaba etc.

Flutter provides a cross-platform so writing a single codebase and run for all devices that give benefits, first of all, is time save and very low cost.other wise we work with two developer android developer and ios developer, so it is a very costly and more time wested.

Flutter supports firebase so you can add the live chat and live streaming to easily add the feature.

Flutter is supported to all font libraries and provided flexible and navigation and support all widget.

React native also provides a cross platform but Flutter is best because Flutter supports web and desktop apps to single base code systems.

Fluter is supported in custom and animated ui and also provides lots of libraries in google like an image picker,http, pie_chart, etc.

And Flutter is a fast development platform and provides a hot reload option so you can change the code using the hot reload option,so your code runs within a second so you don't waste time in a full run app.

Flutter is provided to cross platforms and the most benefit is an app run for multi devices and works smoothly. an available library for advanced features like a map, payment, firebase, etc.

Flutter supports more animated libraries so you can generate a small animated game so it is a benefit of using Flutter.

Flutter provides pubspace.yaml file so it is useful in adding your app feature third party library and add different font file path and image path so is a most important file in Flutter.

And also provided in android and ios by default folder then you can add macOS, Linux, and windows, web, desktop folder so you can run the all system in run time so view same output in all apps.

Flutter uses Flutter SDK that can install in the android studio so you can work in android studio and run apps and also you can install SDK in vs code so you can work in vs code and run the app using vs code. Next is  Flutter is easy to generate release to build.

Flutter provides different - different font styles and all colors with percentage-wise and you can also add color code in text and other widget colors.

Also, local storage libraries are available from google.

Flutter is released in 2017 so it will update every few days, new features are added in the updated version.

Flutter uses Dart language so you can learn only one dart language otherwise you can learn java, kotlin, and swift language in work for android and ios apps.

Flutter provides setstate method for updating UI in widgets.

Flutter has a stateful widget and state less widget so you can use stateful widget and start the beautiful and animated design

The latest Flutter release version on oct 1,2020 is supported by iOS 14 app development, Android 11 app development, Internationalization, and localization support, and a new dart dev tool.

Flutter also supports easy embedding with other apps, well equipped with original state-of-the-art RISC machines, fast customization, reducing app testing time. 

Flutter supports Embedded Device (Lenovo Clock) and Fuchsia os that provide Front end UI tool kit

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