Micro-Savings Mobile App


Micro-savings Mobile app is the first of its kind of savings tool app that gives users the ability to receive cashback on transactions by using their mobile devices. There are mainly two types of users - consumers & merchants. For consumers, this mobile app removes the need to carry cash change. The consumers can create an account and set their savings goal to start micro-savings. Each time users visit one of their favorite Merchant Partners, they can show the merchant their Wallet QR code and with a single click, the merchant will transfer their change directly into their Wallet account. When they reach the savings goal, they will receive a check in the mail directly from the system. For Merchants, this mobile app gives them convenience and saves time by removing the need of managing the cash change to their customers. The merchants can create their accounts and recharge their central Wallet for providing cashback to consumers. The merchants can also enroll multiple employees to provide them limited access to a mobile app for scanning QR codes to perform cash transactions from their mobile device. The merchants will also have access to the Admin portal to manage reports and history.

micro savings mobile app


Our client wanted to develop a SaaS (Software as a Service) based platform for micro-saving fintech mobile apps with the wallet feature.  The Expert App Devs technical team attended various meetings with the client team to understand the business and also discussed revenue generation approaches with the client team.

We get the documentation ready from the client side but the main challenge was to develop an effective process for sending the cash change easily from merchant account to consumer account. Our team suggested various ways for the process and developed algorithms for the same. With the fast-paced approach from both sides, our team delivered the project in no time and with great performance.


  • SaaS Platform

    The mobile app is built for the SaaS based platform, so Admin can manage multiple merchants and provide them access to the mobile app and the admin panel.

  • Membership Options

    The consumer users can opt for various membership options using In-App Subscription payments.

  • QR Code

    The consumer can show QR code to merchants to get their cashback into a digital wallet.

  • Digital Wallet

    The consumer can view their savings and transaction history from the mobile app itself.

  • Announcements

    The users can get important announcements from the admin panel and view them in the mobile app.

  • Transactions reports

    The users can view transaction history and request for detailed transaction reports in document format.

  • Payment Integration

    The merchants can deposit money into their digital wallet online through the payment gateway integration.

  • Consumers Management

    Admin can manage consumer users and their app data from the web portal.

  • Merchant Management

    Admin can manage the merchant account and provide approval to access the system and mobile apps.

  • Staff Management

    The merchants can manage their staff users accounts and provide access to mobile apps.

  • Reports Management

    Admin can manage customer & merchant reports and send them as a document via email.

  • Push Notification Module

    Mobile app has various alerts for announcements, transactions, etc. via push notification integration.

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