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The Fintech Industry has accelerated digital transformation enabling centralized systems, distributed storage, and secure transactions. The micro savings mobile app is an attempt at enhancing cashless transaction experiences for the Fintech marketplace.

Business Problem

Cash-based transactions can give a headache to both the merchants and customers involved. The customer may not always have the cash needed to complete the purchase. At the same time, the merchants face a lot of issues managing the money, getting it to the bank, and then retrieving it from there.

Another huge problem that occurs in cash-based transactions is that both parties need to carry the requisite amount of change. In the case of card transactions, you need to carry them along with you.

There was a growing need to reduce the wallet bulk and make way for convenience.

The Big Idea

Our client wanted to make transactions cashless or cardless. They needed people to be able to complete all purchases using their phones alone.

The big idea- The best micro saving app allowed them to ensure that merchants and customers dealt with their transactions using the mobile. The customers will receive cashback for every transaction they make with the wallet.

A Small Brief into Best Micro Saving App

  • The customers and the merchants can create a detailed profile on this micro saving application. The customers can recharge their wallets with a certain amount using their net banking, credit, or debit cards. Once the customer has added money to their account, they can enter the outlet, scan the code and send the money to the merchant’s account. 
  • The merchant can directly transfer the amount received into their banks or keep it in the wallet. The merchants can also recharge their accounts to transfer the cash back into the customer's account.
  • The merchants and customers can see detailed reports of their transactions and manage the transaction history. 

Our Process

  • After multiple meetings and consultations, we made the requirements document for the mobile application. Our team interacted with the client to understand how they visualized the project. It also helped us know the functionality the client needed in the best micro saving application.  
  • We prepared documentation that helped the teams get together and build the mobile app solution. 
  • Once the document was approved, we began planning the app (coding technology, the logic, design prototypes, and even the database management). 
  • We used the test-driven approach to fast-track app development and quick deployment. 
best micro saving app


  • The biggest challenge was to create a SaaS-based platform as we wanted a single admin to be able to manage multiple merchants at any given time. For this, we took some time to understand how the business operated along with its revenue model. 
  • As the app involves cash-based transactions, transferring cash from one account to another was the next challenge our team faced during development. 

For this purpose, we defined an algorithm that would make the cash transaction process smooth and easy.

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  • SaaS Platform

    The mobile app is built for the SaaS based platform, so Admin can manage multiple merchants and provide them access to the mobile app and the admin panel.

  • Membership Options

    The consumer users can opt for various membership options using In-App Subscription payments.

  • QR Code

    The consumer can show QR code to merchants to get their cashback into a digital wallet.

  • Digital Wallet

    The consumer can view their savings and transaction history from the mobile app itself.

  • Announcements

    The users can get important announcements from the admin panel and view them in the mobile app.

  • Transactions reports

    In the micro saving app, The users can view transaction history and request for detailed transaction reports in document format.

  • Payment Integration

    The merchants can deposit money into their digital wallet online through the payment gateway integration.

  • Consumers Management

    Admin can manage consumer users and their app data from the web portal.

  • Merchant Management

    Admin can manage the merchant account and provide approval to access the system and mobile apps.

  • Staff Management

    In the micro saving app, The merchants can manage their staff users accounts and provide access to mobile apps.

  • Reports Management

    Admin can manage customer & merchant reports and send them as a document via email.

  • Push Notification Module

    Mobile app has various alerts for announcements, transactions, etc. via push notification integration.

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