Flutter With Artificial Intelligence

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Flutter With Artificial Intelligence

Flutter is the google framework for creating high-quality native interfaces on Android and iOS in record time.

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework that provides developers with an advanced software development kit to create a beautiful interface for both iOS and Android.

The rapid growth of digitization has successfully paved the way of emerging technologies that lead to a good user experience. We're in a fast-paced life cycle where users want everything at super-fast speeds, especially when it comes to accessing mobile apps.

Few survey reports have found that users uninstall 77% of applications in just three days after download. Studies have revealed that the normal speed of the application is not up to the level users expect, and this is one of the main reasons for leaving this app.

  • Flutter google framework is an open-source mobile UI  made by Google and released in May 2017.
  • Flutter app developers make most mobile apps. So now developers are targeting Flutter AI and ML.
  • Most of the flutter app development companies use flutter to develop cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Many Flutter App Development Companies have started the development of AI and Ml.

Flutter app development needs good looks. Flutter provides AI and ML, without Artificial Intelligence it does not look good.

Flutter provides a basic user experience similar to a mobile application installed using a progressive web application browser

Artificial Intelligence is the use of some apps so Flutter app development company expects the flutter developer to have knowledge about machine learning.

While developers are well aware of the effectiveness of this lake framework, now is the time to focus on another technology that is becoming increasingly integrated into mobile applications and that is artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence: The Growing Impact of AI on Mobile App Development

Computers and technology have given a new impetus with the unveiling of the extraordinary technology that is artificial intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence was introduced in 1950, when with significant innovations and advances, AI has now become a rising star in mobile app development services.

And this technology is still in constant motion to bring out some unique and innovative methods that can add a full edge to the growth of the business.

Some of the most successful AI practices that help enhance the user experience:

  • Personalised Shopping Recommendations:
  • AI-driven Chatbot:
  • Voice Optimization:

Personalised Shopping Recommendations:

Just as studies, 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personal experience, and professionals have seen a 20% increase in sales after using personal experiences.

AI-driven Chatbot:

Adding chatbots to your mobile application and website can lead to good customer service. so, the market size of Chatbot is projected to increase from 2.6 billion dollars in 2019 to 9.4 billion dollars by 2024 at an annual growth rate of 29.7%.

Voice Optimization:

The impact of voice optimization on modern mobile application development can ensure an excellent level of accessibility and navigation features; So, by 2019 about 20 billion.

In last years, AI has become an obscure term in the mobile application development market and adoption of AI will continue to grow, asIt produces tremendous returns, Manages occupational risks, reorganizes employees, and has a scaling effect

In addition, the global Artificial Intelligence software market will grow rapidly in the coming years and is expected to reach 126 billion by 2025The holistic development of AI includes a wide range of applications is natural language processing,  machine learning, and robotic process automation.

As outstanding tech companies are rapidly showing their interest in investing in AI, more and more users will see the integration of this technology into apps and products.

Early adopters of artificial intelligence in application

That's not all! Many of you are amazed, Would it be the right decision to integrate AI into your mobile app? Now let’s take a quick tour for some of the early adopters who have been to M.L. And A.I. Together they have set a benchmark in the industry by combining their business applications.

  • Google
  • Netflix


No one doubts Google's smartness. But why does it make it so smart? Have you ever thought about it? Certainly mer recruitment techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

One might be surprised to know that Google was the first to experience and take advantage of the power of AI and Integrated. It is in the abundance of its products, including Google Assistant, Google Translation, Gmail, and others.AI in the application to enhance performance and deliver a more excellent user experience. He served as the announcer in popularizing the use of.


Netflix has become an adjective video streaming application in marketing, generating millions of dollars in revenue. From the interface of the application to its endless treasures, This app has a lot to keep viewers glued to their screens for hours. But above all, the integration of AI in this app The latter is the primary reason for the success story of the app.

Today, almost every management deals with customer services and adopts AI technology directly and indirectly to provide better services.By adding chatbots to websites and mobile applications to integrate websites into CRM platforms and analytics,AI technology has the potential to improve the performance of your business if it is properly improved.

So adding ML and AI to mobile applications adapt to a common request from businesses across all vertical domains these days.

How to integrate AI technology in flutter mobile applications?

How to integrate AI technology in flutter mobile applications

Methods of adding ML and AI in Flutter Mobile Applications

While there are a variety of mobile apps, including AI, Flutter app developers are at the top of the charts and want to know the options available to run ML models in the app.

Here are some ways to integrate AI and ML into flutter applications:

  • Firebase MLKit
  • Models as APIs
  • On-Device Model

Firebase MLKit

The ML Kit is part of Firebase which allows mobile application developers to fast-import Google's machine learning skills from the Firebase console.

Then whether you're a beginner or a skilled flutter application developer, you can fast apply ML functionality to iOS and android apps by adding a few lines of code.

While you don't need to have deep knowledge about model optimization or neural networks to get started with ML functionality, If you are an experienced ML developer, it is worthwhile to take advantage of APIs in mobile applications.

Here are some of the best ready-made state-of-the-art models available at Firebase:

  • Text Recognition and Face Detection
  • Image Labeling
  • Object Detection & Tracking
  • Language Identification
  • Smart Reply
  • AutoML Model Interface
  • Custom Model Interface

When using this method of integrating AI  and ML for flutter application development, Make sure your application is applied to Firebase or you have a custom model that will be hosted on another server setup.

Models as APIs

Flutter apps development, models as api is one of the other popular methods of incorporating machining learning, Mostly when you work together with web interfaces servers and expect your model to be updated frequently.

At this method, Developers wrap the model in host and API services using web-based servers. Major developers respond to this popular platform, adding Google App Engine, AWS Lambda, Virtual Machine, and Hiroku or, As it supports running the model and serving as a web service.

On-Device Model

On-device models are effective methods if you want to make high-speed predictions directly on users' devices. The primary way to use these models is to create them as the first tensorflow models. To export them as .tflite files, You can use the ML Kit library in your flutter application.

To be easy to understand in  You can download a sample code of the Flutter application using the easily available face detection model on Firebase and then use it as an on-device model.

This model is the ideal choice for integration When you want your app users To experience super-fast forecasts and not give regular updates.

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