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Expert App Devs helps you keep your business ahead with the latest technological innovations. Our Apple TV app development solutions allow you to provide superior Experiential solutions to your users.

Apple TV App Development
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Redefine the TV experience of your customers with expert Apple TV app development

How people watch and enjoy TV has completely changed. Gone are the days when all people used to do is flip TV channels. Now, they want seamless internet connectivity and a mobile-like experience on a large screen. With the help of expert Apple Tv app developers, you can provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience to your customers. 

Expert App Devs is the leading provider of tvOS development services in the US and India. We specialize in Apple tvOS development for all Apple TV types and models. Our services cater to a wide range of industries, including travel and hospitality, healthcare, retail, and more. If you're in need of Apple TV apps that engage and delight your customers, we can help.

At Expert App Devs, we have a team of tvOS development specialists with years of experience in developing Apple TV apps for various industries. With smart TVs being the future, businesses need to adapt. However, the transformation can be difficult. With Expert App Devs by your side, you can adjust to new technologies and stay on top of the industry trends.

The team of android app developers is skilled in android development on the Android platform as well as cross-platform, delivering high-quality apps. Highly recommended android developers because their aim turning in the best possible results.

I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!

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Apple TV App Development

Do you have a tvOS idea that you believe would change the world? Let us transform it into a reality. With Apple TV becoming a popular trend worldwide, the demand for Apple TV apps is on the rise. Consumers now want seamless experiences on their TV screens. This can be a challenge for brands who aren't sure how to cater to their tvOS users.

Expert App Devs specializes in Apple TV app development. Our tvOS developers create stunning Apple TV apps that align with your budget, requirements, and business goals. Now, you can engage your customers and give them the best experience on TV.

  • Strategic Ideation
  • Analysis and Planning
  • UX/UI Design
  • Back-End and Front-End Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Post-Development Support
Apple TV App Development

Apple TV App Consultancy

Developing an app for TV is entirely different from developing it for iPhone or iPad. The user base is unique, and so are the purposes the app would serve. Mobile apps are more oriented towards functionality; they make consumers' lives easier. TV apps, on the other hand, are more entertainment-oriented and enable you to provide a seamless entertainment experience to your customers.

At Expert App Devs, we help you develop an Apple TV strategy. We understand your plan and help you determine whether tvOS is the right platform for your app or not. We also provide further assistance in turning your idea into reality.

  • Application Idea Generation
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Product Market Fit
  • Revenue Model Development
  • Industry-Specific Strategy
Apple TV App Consultancy

Apple TV App Design and Branding

Your Apple TV app should be the emissary of your brand on TV. It should have the right design and send a message that resonates with your brand's values and attributes. At Expert App Devs, we develop tvOS apps that ensure consistent and powerful branding and help you retain loyal customers.

Our tvOS experts create visually appealing UX/UI designs that increase the engagement and user-experience of your consumers. We make sure your Apple TV app aligns with your brand's strategy, thereby ensuring consistent branding and marketing.

  • Brand Research and Strategy
  • User Experience & User Interface Design
  • App Logo Design
  • Brand Experience Design
  • App Naming
  • Marketing and Advertising
Apple TV App Design and Branding

Apple TV App Monetization

What's your main objective with Apple TV app? Isn't it to generate revenue and grow your business? If it is, then creating a monetization strategy for your application is one of the key steps in tvOS app development. Digital marketing experts at Expert App Devs help you develop an app monetization strategy.

We explore all the revenue generation opportunities, such as ads, subscriptions, PPV, sponsors, products, etc. We then analyze your application strategy and come up with a feasible and sustainable revenue model for your Apple TV app.

  • Monetization Strategy Development
  • Advertisement Revenue
  • Subscription Upgrades
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Sponsorships
  • Products Development
Apple TV App Monetization

Apple TV App Analytics

To make your app successful, you'd need to know your customers. It's essential to monitor your viewership and stay updated with data on views, devices, channels, media types, locations, and the like. The more you know about your consumers, the better experience you will be able to offer them.

Expert App Devs provides Apple TV app analytics services that enable you to stay on top of your tvOS app statistics. We fetch all the app data and compile them into easy-to-understand reports that will help you make informed decisions and changes.

  • Financial Analytics
  • Marketing and Sales Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Asset Analytics
  • Big Data Services
  • Data Visualization
Apple TV App Analytics

Apple TV App Support and Maintenance

With Apple TV trends changing, you need to stay ahead of your competition. It's essential to know the latest industry standards and make changes to your app accordingly. Besides, consumers also expect brands to provide the latest solutions and the best experience.

Expert App Devs's Custom Apple TV App Development experts offer 24/7 support and maintenance after development. We constantly test and upgrade your app to ensure the best performance and user experience.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance and Support
  • Adaptive Maintenance and Support
  • Perfective Maintenance and Support
  • Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Operational Helpdesk Support
Apple TV App Support and Maintenance

Hire Apple TV App Developers

Are you looking to enhance your brand’s user experience and redefine the way people connect with it? Hire Apple TV app developers from Expert App Devs and leverage their custom Apple TV app development. Our talented developers utilize sophisticated visuals to transform your users’ viewing experience.

At Expert App Devs, our TVOS app development team have been catering different Apple TV app solutions to businesses across verticals. We can make your iPhone apps compatible with TVOS, build a new Apple TV app, or revamp your existing app to get it connected with Apple TV.

  • Dedicated TVOS developers
  • Intuitive end-to-end app development
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
Hire Apple TV App Developers

Apple TV Development Expertise

Why Expert App Devs for Apple TV App Development?

The Difference in Approach

The Difference in Approach

We tend to do things differently. Instead of using a one-for-all approach, we provide specific solutions catering to the individual needs of our clients.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Our live Helpdesk is open for you 24/7. If you run into any issues, just drop a message at the Helpdesk, and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

Team of Experts

Team of Experts

At Expert App Devs, we have a team of Apple TV App Development experts. All of the work we do is done in-house; we don't outsource any work.

Industry-Specific Services

Industry-Specific Services

We cater to the need of all industries. Whether you're a hospitality business or a retail brand, we've got you covered.

Success stories

We’ve helped dozens of businesses with Apple TV app development. Check out our success stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iOS and tvOS apps aren't a single binary and are designed for different platforms. But you can create a universal environment where you can bundle these applications and use them from one place.

iOS is the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad, whereas tvOS is the OS that powers Apple TV. While both platforms are from Apple, they are distinct entities.

Some of the most popular apps available for Apple TV are Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Disney+.

The latest tvOS version is 14.2. It's the third update to tvOS 14 and was released on September 16, 2020.

The cost of tvOS development is not fixed and depends on several factors, like features, functionality, and more. The development cost will also depend on the pricing model of the tvOS development company.

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