Chromecast Application Development

Expert App Devs develops engaging Chromecast TV apps that delight, entertain, and engage your customers. We create platform-specific apps for both iOS and Android.

Chromecast Application Development
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Redesign your consumers' TV experience with Chromecast app development

Chromecast by Google refers to a family of dongles that enable you to cast your phone and laptop screen to your TV. We live in an era of smart TVs, where everyone wants their TV to be internet-enabled and connected with the world. But not all TVs are smart. Almost 1.7 billion TVs exist in the world, and nearly half of them lack smart capabilities. 

Chromecast enables users to add smart capabilities to their conventional TV. By connecting the Chromecast to their TV, they can cast their favorite mobile apps on the big screen. However, there's a limitation. Users will be able to use only the apps that are compatible with Chromecast. If you want your users to engage with your business on TV, Chromecast applications development is something you should consider.

At Expert App Devs, we offer Chromecast app development services for all platforms. We help you create Chromecast applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and other mobile platforms. We also provide PHP and WordPress development services so that your customers can access your business website on TV. Furthermore, we also create Blockchain and AI-based applications to help you leverage the potential of emerging technologies.

The team of android app developers is skilled in android development on the Android platform as well as cross-platform, delivering high-quality apps. Highly recommended android developers because their aim turning in the best possible results.

I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!

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We offer a broader spectrum of technology solutions to tick all the right boxes for our clients’ needs.

Android Chromecast App Development

Android is the market leader when it comes to mobile usage. Being the most-used mobile OS, it also remains the biggest platform for Chromecast. Hence, targeting your Android customers is the key to success in Chromecast app development.

Expert App Devs develops high-quality, visually stunning, and responsive Android apps that provide your customers with a seamless Chromecast TV experience. Our Chromecast app developers specialize in creating a comprehensive range of Android apps that align with your business goals.

  • Android Native and Hybrid Apps
  • Android Game Development
  • Android UI/UX Design
  • Enterprise Android Apps
  • Android App Integration
  • Custom Android Apps
Android Chromecast App Development

iOS Chromecast App Development

iOS is the second-most popular mobile OS, second only to Android. There are more than 700 million iPhones in the world, of which 220 million are in China, and 120 million are in the US. If you want to target your iOS consumers, our iOS Chromecast app development services can help.

At Expert App Devs, we offer Chromecast Apps Services for iPhone and iPad. We create highly responsive iOS applications that look stunning and responsive on TVs of all screen sizes. Our developers at Expert App Devs develop all types of iOS apps that ensure a seamless experience for your consumers.

  • Multimedia App Development
  • Enterprise App Development
  • iOS Game Development
  • IoT and Blockchain Apps
  • Security App Development
  • Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android
iOS Chromecast App Development

PHP Chromecast Development

PHP is a server-side programming language that enables you to create dynamic web pages. PHP powers websites to run on the internet and communicate with online databases. If you want your consumers to access your business website on TV, Expert App Devs's PHP Chromecast development services can be helpful.

Being the leading Chromecast development company in India and USA, we offer Chromecast-specific PHP development services. We develop dynamic, PHP-powered web pages that your customers will be able to access on their TV screens and get a superior experience.

  • CMS Development
  • CRM Development
  • Websites and Portals Development
  • ECommerce Development
  • E-Learning Development
  • Social Networking Development
PHP Chromecast Development

WordPress Chromecast Development

Need a site specifically for Chromecast TV? Expert App Devs has got you covered. Our expert Chromecast developers will develop robust, responsive, and fully functional WordPress websites specifically designed for TV screens. Now, you can engage your consumers by enabling them to access your content on a larger screen.

Our WordPress Chromecast development services align with WordPress development for web or mobile phones. We handpick themes and designs that best suit your business and branding efforts. We also ensure seamless usability to provide a seamless experience to your users.

  • Theme and Design
  • Full-Cycle Website Development
  • Seamless Space Management
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Responsive Design for All TV Screens
  • Plug-In Integration
WordPress Chromecast Development

Chromecast App Support and Maintenance

As with any mobile and web app, consistent support, maintenance, and upgrades are essential. The way people consume content is continuously changing, and businesses need to adapt accordingly. With Expert App Devs by your side, the adjustment becomes accurate and effortless.

Our Chromecast app development experts provide world-class support and maintenance services. We constantly monitor your app performance and roll out frequent upgrades to ensure high performance.

  • App Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Code Maintenance
  • Application Security Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Enhancement
  • New Feature Implementation
Chromecast App Support and Maintenance

Hire Chromecast Developers

Planning to make your apps casting-ready? Hire Chromecast developers from Expert App Devs to avail of world-class Chromecast application development services. Our developers are skilled at building cast-ready apps across different platforms. We see to it that your apps maintain the same speed and functionality across various operating systems.

Our Chromecast app developers create applications that are user-centric, scalable, and easily integrated. Right from the initial stage to quality control and testing, we work in tandem to deliver a seamless casting experience to your audience.

  • Industry-proven approach
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Seamless communication
  • User-centric applications
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Array of Chromecast application development services
Hire Chromecast Developers

Chromecast App Development Expertise

Why Expert App Devs for Chromecast App Development?

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We are known for our innovative solutions. Our team brainstorms unique ideas that help you achieve your business objectives.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

Having completed hundreds of projects, we know what we're doing. Our experience and expertise enable us to produce guaranteed results.

Timely Results

Timely Results

We respect your time. Our team implements agile methodologies to ensure we deliver your project to you in time.

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

You don't have to worry if you run into issues after Chromecast app development. Our world-class support team has got you covered.

Success stories

We've helped businesses achieve their goals with Chromecast app development. Look at our success stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the major mobile applications are compatible with Chromecast. Some of them include Netflix, Youtube TV, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

No. Chromecast doesn't come with any preloaded apps. It's a device you can use to cast content available on your mobile phone or laptop.

Yes. Google Chromecast is compatible with iOS. iPhone users can connect with Google Chromecast like Android users.

Chromecast app development would take the same amount of time required to develop an iOS and Android app. Since the majority of the development procedure is similar, the time needed to make the app is also the same.

The cost of Chromecast app development is similar to the cost of developing iOS or Android app. Native apps for Chromecast are usually more expensive than hybrid apps. The cost might also depend on the type, features, and functionalities of the application.

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