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At Expert App Devs, we provide top-notch and custom Android app development and support services to cater to all your business needs.

Custom Android App Development Services & Support Corresponding to Your Needs

With our Android app development services at Expert App Devs, we help businesses provide goods or services to their target audience. By doing so, we assist brands in creating a positive impression on their customers’ minds. 

Do you wish to build a loyal customer base to achieve your business goals with ease? The apps built by our Android app development team will help you with it. Our professionals take care of all your needs while building an app for your business. They do it to help you implement your strategy with ease.

Our apps work on all Android devices when we launch it and even after OS updates. To ensure the proper functioning of apps, we offer top-notch support services. After investing in our services, you can rest assured that you will get quality and comprehensive services.


Our Clients

ABB Group
GEA Group
National Geographic
New York Stock Exchange
Sting Sports

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Android App Development Solution

Expert App Devs is the one-stop destination for mobile app development in India. From higher revenue generation to customization and enhanced security to innovation, you will find us beside you to cater to all your needs related to the Android app development project.

We treat your project as ours; this approach helps our developers to put themselves in your customers’ shoes and think about the features of your app from their standpoint. At Expert App Devs, our team strives for custom Android app development to create apps that work on all Android devices.

  • Ideation and planning
  • Design and development
  • Full-cycle Android app development
  • Testing and QA
  • Support and Maintenance
  • App deployment

Android Mobile Application Design

At Expert App Devs, we view Android mobile application design as the total of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). In other words, our developers work on the appearance as well as the features of your app. By paying attention to both these aspects, they build apps with the best appearance and features.

As regards the features of the applications, we attach the highest importance to navigation. Our Android application designers add more value to your app by ensuring that it complies with Android navigation patterns. Plus, they also make certain that the resulting apps offer the best features for your business.

  • Architecture
  • Solid UI/UX
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Powerful technology stack
  • Appealing designs
  • Tailor-made solutions

Android Wireframes & Prototypes

For a better conception of your app project, we employ the methodology of prototyping in our scheme of things. Our designers use it for the mock-up of your app’s visual interface. On the other hand, our designers use it to visualize how your app would perform after the addition of features to it.

To ensure the right structure of your app project, we apply the concept of wire framing. Are you looking for the right combination of colors and images in your app? Our app development team will help you with it by exploring all the possibilities.

  • Android prototyping
  • Android mockups and wireframes
  • High-fidelity designs
  • Mobile app wireframe
  • Robust UI/UX
  • App ideation

Testing Integrations & Debugging

We consider testing as the part and parcel of Android game development and app development. Before the launch of your app, the experts of our QA team thoroughly evaluate its functioning. By doing so, they try to eliminate all shortcomings in the developed app within the testing phase.

In case they detect a bug, they make sure it is removed before the submission of your app by using the best debugging tools and techniques.

  • Bug fixing and enhancement
  • Performance optimization
  • Quality testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Seamless integrations
  • Preventive maintenance

Delivery Launch Support

At Expert App Devs, we understand the importance of launching your app for your business. Therefore, we channel all our efforts into performing it in the best possible manner. We remove all the existing bugs in the testing phase of our Android mobile app development services. Thereafter, we take a close look at the functioning of your apps with a critical eye. If everything else looks fine, we submit it to Google Play Store.

Worried if your app is ready to be launched or not? Leave it to us! Right from your Android app ideation to its deployment, you can rely on our impeccable support.

  • Top-notch performance supervision
  • Testing and debugging
  • Quality assurance
  • App deployment in the Play Store
  • Technical support
  • Store management and monitoring

Maintenance & Long-Term Improvement

As a leading Android app development company, we are committed to providing you with our reliable services during the development phase and after it. Following the launch of an app, it is bound to experience technical issues over time due to OS updates and other factors. Regardless of the several factors that can slow down or restrict the performance of your app, the experts of our support and maintenance team work tirelessly to address the technical problems.

Thus, when you hire our Android developers, you can rest assured that your app will undergo a long-term improvement and will also keep pace with the future trends to serve your needs in the best possible manner.

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Code audit
  • App migration
  • App integration
  • Top-quality performance

Hire Android App Developers

Expert App Devs offers you a pool of talented and expert Android app developers that support you throughout app development. No matter what you are looking for, be it developing a new application or migrating your legacy applications, we let you hire Android app developers whenever you require. Our developers are available on a part-time, full-time, and contract basis. You can even hire remote Android app developers from Expert App Devs.

Our Android app developers are efficient to deliver quality apps in the minimum possible time while ensuring that the applications meet your business objectives. We, at Expert App Devs, keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies, trends, tools, and frameworks to help you sail to higher and higher success.

  • Pocket-friendly rates
  • Highly cost effective
  • No language barrier
  • Agile and adaptive development
  • Skilled resources
  • Flexibility and scalability

Why Hire Expert App Devs For Android Mobile App Development Projects?

Full Spectrum Android App Development

Full Spectrum Android App Development

In today’s life, businesses are growing and moving ahead matching the speed of light. Hence we provide Full Spectrum of android App Development to let the business survive in any situation.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible Engagement Models

Winners excel in adapting to changes in a quick span, hence we provide high-end flexible android app development solutions to our clients in short notice.

Complete Manual and Automation Testing

Complete Manual and Automation Testing

We believe in providing error free apps and thus we make the apps undergo a continuous manual and automated testing to leave no space for errors.

Timely Support and Maintenance

Timely Support and Maintenance

We assist our customers throughout the android app development lifecycle starting right from research to app development followed by quality assurance, timely support and maintenance.

App development process


Why you should hire us?

We provide comprehensive android mobile app development services that cover all the bases.

Success stories

Our success is marked by the hard work and expertise of our expert professionals. Read on to learn about our success story.

App Marketing & Rewards Application

App Marketing & Rewards Application

  • iOS, Android
  • Swift, JAVA

App Marketing & Rewards Application

  • PlatformiOS, Android
  • Programming LanguageSwift, JAVA
  • DatabaseSQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop
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Golf Coach & Student App
Education & Training

Golf Coach & Student App

  • iOS, Android
  • Swift, Java
Education & Training

Golf Coach & Student App

  • PlatformiOS, Android
  • Programming LanguageSwift, Java
  • DatabaseSQLite
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop
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IoT Museum Guide Application
Education & Training

IoT Museum Guide Application

  • iOS, Android
  • Swift, Java
Education & Training

IoT Museum Guide Application

  • PlatformiOS, Android
  • Programming LanguageSwift, Java
  • DatabaseSQLite
  • ToolsAndroid Studio, Photoshop
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Our customers say

Here is what our esteemed customers have to say about their experience while working with us:

I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!


I got all the customization and branding needed from the Expert App Devs team. They listened to everything patiently and planned the implementation effectively. Kudos to the Food Delivery solution!


Frequently Asked Questions

Soon after knowing about your requirements through an email, our sales team will reach out to you for additional information about your specific needs and note them down. Our developers will build an app for you according to your listed preferences, accordingly.

Every Android app development project has distinct requirements. From the choice of tools to features and functionalities, many factors play a role in determining the cost factor. We can determine the cost of your Android app development project only by considering all the factors.

For all our projects, we employ a product manager under whom all our developers operate. You can get the latest updates about your project by communicating with the product manager associated with your project. Alternatively, we also have a project management tool for this purpose.

We are committed to assisting each of your clients in this regard. To help avoid complexities in it, we recommend our clients to make their app in a simple version and then introduce it to the new changes from time to time.

We do it to help you make a smooth transition of your app as you test your untested assumptions from the simple to the complex level.

Upon the release of a new Android OS update, we request our clients to test the app on the updated OS. It helps them identify the points that aren’t working. Thereafter, our developers make the necessary changes by working on those points.

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