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iot app development services
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Unlock new possibilities with the Top-Notch IoT engineers

Expert App Devs is a premium IoT app development company offering innovative and results-driven IoT solutions to enterprises and organizations. Our IoT engineers assist businesses in becoming acquainted with IoT technology so that they can effectively incorporate it into their business models. We thrive on connecting the physical and digital worlds and assisting businesses with innovative IoT solutions.

Our unique IoT solutions streamline internal and external processes while increasing profits. Our IoT engineers thrive on removing all complexities from IoT projects. Our developers leverage their years of experience and expertise to create highly innovative and functional IoT solutions. We provide our clients with quality assurance from the beginning of the development process with our end-to-end services.

I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!

I got all the customization and branding needed from the Expert App Devs team. They listened to everything patiently and planned the implementation effectively. Kudos to the Food Delivery solution!

Creating Endless Opportunities for your Business

We inspire creativity and translate your vision into mission-critical solutions with best practices, an experienced team of best mobile app developers and exceptional support.

Next-gen IoT application development services

Expert App Devs, an innovative IoT app development company, serves as an effective medium to connect IoT-enabled tech devices to the cloud network. Cost-effectiveness and productivity are the two key attributes of our solutions that offer a good return on investment (RoI) to our client organizations.

With our premium IoT solutions, clients get an effective and extended IoT network with high-quality connectivity services. As regards the technical aspect of our IoT network, it involves an impressive array of gateways, platforms, and protocols. We merge them to operationalize the next-gen IoT products, so our clients achieve growth without losing track of the competitive edge.

  • Full-cycle IoT application development
  • Experience and skilled IoT developers
  • Custom solutions at affordable prices
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Seamless integrations
  • IoT artificial intelligence solutions for any industry and vertical
next-gen iot application development services

IoT integration and extension services

We transform the hardware devices of our clients’ organizations into smart devices. Whether it is about full-stack development or the management of firmware updates related to it, our experts leave no stone unturned to deliver their best performance. Also, they help our client organizations in the identification of the right sensor options. 

We understand the important role of security in an IoT network. Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of business data, we do our best to secure it amid the interaction and transmission of business data across an IoT network.

Also, as specialists, we lend a helping hand to our clients in the integration of IoT devices with standard protocols. Our experts specialize in both M2M communications and middleware platform integration.

  • Integrated and connected IoT apps
  • Connectivity management
  • IoT middleware development
  • IoT security
  • Seamless integration
  • M2M communications
iot integration and extension services

IoT development consultancy

From preparing a blueprint of solutions to creating a roadmap and facilitating IoT readiness in client organizations, our team of iot app developers and consultants specialize in providing the right guidance. If required, they do not even hesitate to go the extra mile for driving excellence in the outcomes of our business organizations.

With guidance from our specialists, you can easily integrate IoT technology with your business. We pride ourselves on offering the right business consultation based on the organizational needs of our clients. This feature not only cements our position on the list of industry leaders but also adds strength to it.

  • IoT strategy consulting
  • Demonstration on improving ROI
  • Multiple open lines of communication
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Collaborative and client-centric approach
  • Competitive rates
iot development consultancy

IoT app testing services

With a meticulous testing approach, we offer a smooth and uninterrupted connectivity experience across a secure IoT network featuring multiple technology and devices. It provides our clients with uninterrupted data exchange across a network of physical devices.

By and large, our IoT app development services focus on product quality. Because our services revolve around this core component, we tick all the right boxes for the needs of our clients in offering a seamless connection amid a chain of operational IoT devices.

  • Quality testing
  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Quality assurance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Performance analysis
  • Upgrades and maintenance
iot app testing services

Voice-enabled technology solutions

Voice-enabled IoT solutions are more cost-effective in comparison to the other data-based alternatives. Plus, such solutions are more flexible than the latter. Considering these points, we direct all our energy and efforts in developing smart voice-enabled IoT solutions.

By merging IoT technology with voice solutions, we add more value to our services for profitable returns to our partners.

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Redefine customer experiences
  • Voice control embedded with IoT
  • Drive efficiency
  • Make your business smarter
voice-enabled technology solutions

Data analytics

With the help of data analytics, we assist in predicting the patterns and trends based on the data or information collected by the devices in an IoT network. We strive to provide data analysis that can help the investors in our services in making the right decision. 

We excel in providing data analytics solutions corresponding to a wide range of business operations.

  • IoT data analysis
  • Data processing
  • IoT data ingestion
  • Visualization layers
  • Analytical models
  • Consumption layers
data analytics

Connectivity with wearable devices

Possibilities are endless with wearable devices. These devices make for an excellent option to transmit and access data between the cloud and other sources. They are capable of being implanted into the body or attached to garments and clothing. As electronic devices, they consist of microcontrollers.

At Expert App Devs, we implement both VR and AR technologies in wearable devices to improve outcomes. Along with connectivity, we ensure real-time data transfer and transmission to simplify day-to-day business activities.

  • IoT embedded in smart devices
  • Track personal data
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reliability
  • Device integration
  • Enhanced outcomes
connectivity with wearable devices

Hire IoT app developers

As a leading IoT app development company in India and the USA, we, at Expert App Devs, help businesses develop smart solutions that let them connect their smartphones with remote devices. From retail to real estate, our IoT app developers help bridge the gap between the real and digital world with smart solutions.

With 11 years of experience and knowledge, our IoT developers provide functional and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) artificial intelligence solutions that help you quickly achieve your goals. That’s not all! Our solutions aid you to reach a wider market.

  • Flexible hiring models
  • High-quality IoT app development
  • Skilled resources
  • Security-oriented solutions
  • Cost-effective
  • Post deployment support
hire iot app developers

Solutions we deliver

We offer a broader spectrum of technology solutions to tick all the right boxes for our clients’ needs.


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Expert App Devs is a one-of-a-kind hub of multi-talented employees. The best web developers and UI/UI designers, as well as QA experts, work with you to create high-quality web applications.

time alignment zone

Time alignment zone

We have never made a time zone compromise. We simply believe in providing services to you at your preferred time. Hire skilled web developers from us to complete the work in your time zone.

seamless communication

Seamless communication

As we work on a project, seamless communication keeps clients on the same page. Communication eliminates confusion, which can stymie good work progress. As a dependable AI app development company, we stay up to date on the client's requirements and approvals.

cutting-edge technology

Cutting-edge technology

As skilled IoT service providers, our experts stay up to date on the latest technology in the industry. In order to make your project stand out in the market, our professionals seek out the most efficient technology to expand our business opportunities.

Success stories

IoT is amazing, and we have traversed a long way in fledging businesses with our expertise work. Here is our success story that will let you know our thick and thins that we have gone through to reach this spot:

best micro saving mobile app

Best Micro Saving Mobile App

  • iOS, Android, Laravel
  • Swift, Java, PHP

Best Micro Saving Mobile App

  • PlatformiOS, Android, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageSwift, Java, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, SQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop, Android Studio, Photoshop, NetBeans
saas based holiday app

SaaS based Holiday App

  • Flutter, Laravel
  • Dart, PHP

SaaS based Holiday App

  • PlatformFlutter, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageDart, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsVS Code, Android Studio, XCode, NetBeans
micrographia identification application

Micrographia Identification Application

  • iOS, Laravel
  • Swift, PHP

Micrographia Identification Application

  • PlatformiOS, Laravel
  • Programming LanguageSwift, PHP
  • DatabaseSQLite, MySQL
  • ToolsXcode, Photoshop, NetBeans

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Mobile app development FAQs

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It is a network involving software and sensor technologies to connect physical objects. Apart from being a medium to connect multiple devices, the network of IoT also simplifies communication. Actuators and controllers complement sensors and software in this network.

At Expert App Devs, we use multiple communication protocols in offering IoT artificial intelligence solutions. These include Bluetooth, Infra-red, Wi-Fi, broadband, cellular network, wide area network, satellite Internet, and many other protocols.

There are several ways to integrate Blockchain with IoT. From product creation to product transport and transaction, and handover, this can be done at multiple stages. The integration of both components comes in handy in monitoring and sharing of data.

We provide Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and IoT cloud computing services. Also, our client business organizations hire IoT app developers from our development team to obtain other PaaS solutions.

IoT app development cost depends on the size of the project, its feature and a lot more other attributes. Thus the cost may vary from project to project.

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