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Expert App Devs creates high-quality VR apps that provide a best-in-class visual experience. Our VR apps are focused on enhancing your business efficiency and customer experience.

VR Application Development
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Deliver enchanting visual experiences to your customers with VR App development

Virtual Reality (VR) is a trending emerging technology that provides a stimulating experience to the user. It provides visual simulations that are either similar or entirely different from the real world. The VR industry is surging, thanks to the rising adoption of the industry. The global VR industry was valued at $10.32 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a staggering 21.1% CAGR during 2020-2027. 

The applications and benefits of VR are endless. Manufacturers and retailers can use VR to provide their consumers with virtual, showroom-like experiences. Real estate firms can offer virtual property tours. Besides, VR has become a pivotal part of the gaming and entertainment industry. However, it's crucial to have a VR company that helps you leverage the true potential of VR.

Here's where Expert App Devs comes into play. As the leading VR development company in the US and India, Expert App Devs offers 360-degree VR app development solutions at affordable costs. We help you incorporate VR into your existing business strategy without disrupting your existing operations. If you want to hire the best vr app developers in India, Expert App Devs is your way to go. 

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I am very happy with the final product from the solution as well as support and service from Expert App Devs. They also covered the latest OS updates for Android and iOS apps in the final product! Thank you to the team!

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We offer a broader spectrum of technology solutions to tick all the right boxes for our clients’ needs.

VR Mobile App Development

Virtual reality has found several applications in mobile application development. For instance, in shopping, VR technology can offer shoppers a virtual store-like experience. The same goes for real estate. Realtors can provide virtual property tours to potential real estate buyers, which could be a lifesaver in the current pandemic-affected marketplace.

Expert App Devs specializes in Virtual Reality Mobile App Development services. We develop full-featured, high-performing VR apps for all the major mobile platforms. Our VR app development services are focused on enhancing your business' efficiency and user experience.

  • VR App Development for iOS and Android
  • Virtual Reality Game Development
  • VR Web-Based App Development
  • Cross-Platform VR Development
  • Industry-Specific VR Solutions
  • VR-Based Entertainment Solutions
VR Mobile App Development

VR Strategy and Consultation

Every successful mobile application venture begins with strategic planning. Does your business really need virtual reality? Is virtual reality better or augmented reality? What technological responsibilities will come with VR app development and maintenance? That's why VR strategy and consultation are important.

Being the market leader in VR application development, Expert App Devs provides expert VR consultation services. We take your needs and challenges into consideration and help you determine where VR fits in your business strategy.

  • VR Development Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Channel Extension
  • Cost Optimization
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Service Breakdown Benchmarking
VR Strategy and Consultation

VR Integration and Deployment

Not sure how VR would integrate with your existing business systems? Let us help you out. Our VR app development experts help you combine VR with several work-related applications to help you unleash the true potential of VR technology.

At Expert App Devs, we help you integrate a diverse range of enterprise-systems, thereby helping you take advantage of VR to enhance business efficiency and customer experience. We also work closely with your team to explore potential uses of virtual reality for your business.

  • Collaboration & Telecommunications
  • Data Center Migration & Modernization
  • Virtualization
  • Network Services
  • System Integration
  • Technology Integration
VR Integration and Deployment

Virtual Product Development

VIrtual product development (VPD) has become an essential step in the product development process. It involves the development and prototyping of products in a digital 2D/3D environment. VPD consists of four components: virtual product design, virtual product simulation, virtual product staging, and digital manufacturing.

At EAD, we deliver virtual product development solutions for 3D designers, architects, and movie designers. Our virtual reality app developers specialize in developing virtual environments of physical products, mobies, buildings, and more.

  • 2D and 3D Product Design
  • Drop and Crash Test Simulation
  • Space Planning and Behavior Analysis
  • Digital Process Planning and Plant Design
  • Industry-Specific Environment Development Solutions
  • Cutting-Edge Testing and Quality Assurance
Virtual Product Development

Presentation and Sales Tools

Do you want to take your business presentations to another level? When it comes to business, enticing presentations can really be your selling tool. Whether it's a business plan presentation for potential partners or a landing page video for customers, a well-designed presentation always does its job. Virtual reality can make your business presentations unique and exciting.

Expert App Devs's VR app development services help you develop best-in-class presentation and sales tools for your business. These tools will enable you to create engaging sales presentations that will result in higher opt-ins and conversions.

  • VR Sales Videos
  • VR PPT Presentations
  • VR Images and Illustrations
  • VR-Based Landing Page Content
  • VR Tutorials
  • VR-Based Animation Videos
Presentation and Sales Tools

VR Support and Maintenance

Virtual reality is a fairly new technology, and many businesses aren't still accustomed to using it regularly. This can lead to usage problems and adaptability issues. And if not implemented and utilized correctly, virtual reality may not be able to add value to your business.

At Expert App Devs, we provide 24/7 maintenance and support. Our team of VR experts works closely with you, understanding your challenges. We also monitor your VR app performance. We make necessary changes and upgrades as per industry requirements to make sure your VR infrastructure continually aligns with your organizational objectives.

  • Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive, and Perfective Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Application Enhancement
  • Security Review and Compliance
  • Regular Upgrades
VR Support and Maintenance

Hire VR App Developers

Are you ready to join the Virtual Reality bandwagon? If so, the skilled VR developers at Expert App Devs can help you. Being a leading mobile app development company in India, we enable businesses to make use of VR and enhance their reach. Our team of VR developers is proficient in building bespoke VR solutions for diverse industry needs.

Our VR professionals are skilled to transform your ideas into virtual reality by developing VR applications and games. We give a personalized touch to your VR apps to increase interactive opportunities for your business.

  • Dedicated resources
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Time-saving
  • Real-time support
  • Seamless communication
Hire VR App Developers

VR App Development Expertise

Why Expert App Devs for VR App Development?

Global Clientele

Global Clientele

We are trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide. Being the top VR App Development company in the US and India, we are renowned for our high-quality services and support.

Expert Developers

Expert Developers

Expert App Devs has a team of skilled and experienced VR app developers. If you want to hire VR developers in India, there's no better place than Expert App Devs.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We offer 360-degree virtual reality services. From app development to virtual product environment design, we do it all.

Best-in-Class Support

Best-in-Class Support

Client support is one of the most significant qualities of Expert App Devs. Our talented customer support team will resolve all your issues and hurdles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the massive development of VR technology, it has now found applications in almost every industry. However, some industries that readily utilize VR are tourism, retail, healthcare, real estate, marketing, and education. In all, every industry that can use visual experiences to engage consumers can benefit from VR.

The cost of a VR project depends on several factors, the biggest one of which is the time required. The more time a project will take, the more expensive it will be. Besides, the pricing structure of the development agency also plays a crucial role. Ideally, development costs in South Asia are much lower than those in North America and Western Europe.

The time needed to finish a VR project will depend on the complexity of the project and the functionality required to be added. In general, a VR app development project could take 500-1,000 hours.

Yes, it is. The market is currently valued at $10 billion and is projected to grow at a substantial rate in the future.

Yes, it is. Though both technologies include visual stimulation, they differ significantly in how they're deployed and utilized.

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