HoloLens Development - New Experiences for a New Reality

August 10, 2023 10 min read
hololens development new experiences for a new reality

We are looking at more comfortable spaces to interact with the real world. The Metaverse is all set to support the users in their interest to interact with the real world via virtual elements. Creating avatars, wearing headsets and holograms are some of the top favourites.

We have moved from just Augmented or Virtual Reality to Mixed and Extended Realities to communicate with the users. There are several tools and techniques that help businesses in their tryst with the real environments via the virtual.

Mixed Reality is relatively new and slowly becoming core to Metaverse development. There are several applications of this new reality in various niches.

Microsoft Hololens helps enhance the abilities of Mixed Realities. The Hololens 2 was specifically devised for this purpose alone. It can help users create holograms and a lot more to devise extensive experiences.

This article will discuss Microsoft Hololens in detail. We will look at the use cases, benefits and how it helps build Mixed Reality apps.

What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft Hololens is the company’s sole venture into the Mixed Reality world. It looks like a simple Augment Reality headset; however, its capabilities are defined to include both AR and VR instances.

With this wireless device, you can easily interact with the real world virtually. It allows you to create holograms and 3D avatars that enter into the real world. You can create interactive and animated holograms using this lens.

As a developer, you must deliver the application for real-world light. It might not be easy to view your hologram if the lighting is not perfect.

It is important to note that you might need to use grey light to build an application for the hololens. This will make the hologram viewable.

The Hololens is built using holographic lenses that are see-through in nature. Adding a bit of natural light gives it the necessary avatar. The lens is controlled by algorithms and software programs.

#1. There are cameras within the HoloLens that intend to understand and decode the movements.

#2. Gestures are used to control the Hololens so that you can direct it according to your needs.

#3. Voice commands are used to direct the commands to the HoloLens.

A Brief into HoloLens 2

hololens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2 was the updated version of the first HoloLens. It was released in 2019 and has been used extensively in Mixed Reality spaces.

It combines waveguide and laser technologies to deliver a Mixed Reality view to the users. The displays are developed using waveguides.

HoloLens 2 development created a new-age and immersive experience for the users. The all-new HoloLens goggles offer better comfort to users.

The Key Features Included:

#1. You can easily use hand gestures and movements to manipulate the HoloLens 2 and enhance interactions.

#2. It allows you to improve work collaborations and remote working environments. It extends immense capabilities to move beyond the existing boundaries to connect and collaborate.

#3. You can hear the sounds from the real environment without detaching from the physical environment, thus creating immersive experiences.

#4. It can easily accept voice commands that will improve interactions with the device.

#5. You can easily share the holograms across devices which can enhance the viewing abilities. This edition comes with cross platform capabilities and extensive collaboration tools.

The HoloLens Kit

The HoloLens kit was developed to enhance the developer’s ability to produce immersive applications. It comes with the entire support environment required to build robust holographic apps.

#1. The goggles is the main component of this kit. It comes with the sensors, cameras and processors needed to enhance the virtual world.

#2. There is a microphone and built-in audio that ensures the perfect experience of the real world virtually. The audio will create the spatial sound needed that matches the real-world sounds.

#3. Sensors are used for tracking and marking. You would know the location of the elements within the real world using the sensors.

#4. The processor will help manage the tasks and ensure timely completion. The memory will store the tasks and accelerate the releases.

#5. Lastly, it encompasses a wide range of tools such as the Unity game Engine and Windows MR platform. This enables better app development. It is compatible with the Windows Operating system.

Top Benefits of HoloLens

If you have been planning to develop applications for HoloLens, you must know the benefits of using this Mixed Reality platform. Here we will discuss them in detail.

#1. When you use HoloLens, you don’t really move out of your real world. In fact, it is possible you are within the HoloLens 2 Metaverse.

#2. The objects and components are laid on the real world. As a result, you will have an excellent and immersive Mixed Reality experience.

#3. Most of the interactions occur through gestures, which allows for greater freedom. This also makes the interaction as intuitive and frictionless as possible.

#4. As it uses spatial mapping, you have a greater understanding of the actual environment. You will know the exact objects and nature of surfaces in the world you are interacting with virtually.

#5. With more businesses opting for remote collaboration, it has become important to enhance real-time connections. This is made possible with the HoloLens development. You can enhance training and improve collaborations across the globe.

#6. It offers better visualization capabilities, thus enhancing the 3D model development for the designers and architects. This can be used by the design industry in specific ways.

#7. It offers greater accessibility to people with disabilities and allows them for a more seamless interaction with technologies.

#8. The kit is developer-friendly, thus allowing extensive and user-friendly app development. You get support from the Microsoft and Unity teams to build capable applications.

Use Cases and Applications

You can use the HoloLens across industries to improve the outcomes. It can help enhance the abilities of the industries and drive them towards better approaches/strategies.

  • Education is one of the primary niches where Mixed Reality can go a long way. It can help simulate training and make it more practical. It can offer a 3D view of how things occur for better understanding. For instance, subjects like Physics can gain from adopting HoloLens, as it offers better exploratory views and understanding.
  • Healthcare is the second more important industry that will benefit from HoloLens app development. You will notice that it can help surgeons be more precise with their cutting. You will get a complete view of the organ that needs surgical intervention. It will also help with accurate diagnosis and preventive healthcare measurements.
  • The manufacturing industry can thrive with the HoloLens development. The MR development can help the manufacturing industry in enabling precision modes. You can handle complex manufacturing tasks with greater ease.
  • You can offer better visualization abilities to architects with the HoloLens. It offers greater 3D model development capabilities as you can visualize the components in the real-world better. Your sensors give you a spatial sense of the real-world objects
  • When you are in the retail space, HoloLens has a specific application. It can help improve the in-store demonstrations in the remote environment. You won’t need to step out of the house to watch the demo or understand the product better. It will give online stores better capabilities with respect to user engagement.
  • You can easily create interesting and immersive prototypes that are in tune with your needs. You have a clearer understanding of the simulated environment, which will help you roll out the 3D models better. You would know what the customers expect, how they use the product and have clearer insights into their requirements.

Tools and Tips for HoloLens Development

If you are planning to deliver a capable app with HoloLens development, you must be well equipped. It is important to have the apt tools and incorporate the best practices to deliver the solutions.

Tools for HoloLens Development

Here are all the tools that you need to build capable apps with HoloLens.

tools for hololens development

  • The first tool you need to develop the application for HoloLens would be the Mixed Reality toolkit by Microsoft. You can easily implement spatial mapping and gesture-driven interactions into your application with this tool.
  • Visual Studio is the go-to integrated environment for developing MR applications for HoloLens. You can use the in-built tools to build the code and improve the cloud deployment of the application.
  • HoloLens Emulator: This tool must be in your toolkit only to simulate the MR environment for the application you are creating. It will help you determine how your application would look when it is used on a device or the HoloLens. You will understand if users will find it accessible and usable.
  • The Unity engine in your toolkit is specifically used to build interactive solutions. Whether you want to design high-end graphics or game apps, this engine would streamline the development.
  • You will also need the modeling software to build 3D avatars that can be placed in the HoloLens. You can use tools like Maya or 3DS Max for your avatar development.

Top Tips for HoloLens Development

tips for hololens development

#01. Think through Colours: When you add colours to your design, they may not look nice virtually. You will notice that HoloLens uses a different technique known as colour sequential to render the colours.

As a result, black may appear transparent and full white may look too bright. You must determine the colours that best fit your MR environment before planning the design.

#02. Intelligence in Reality: Adding the charm of deep learning to your MR applications can churn immersive experiences. The deep learning strategies can make your applications accessible and enhance its capabilities. Moreover, you can train your application to leverage the Cloud and other technologies.

#03. Voice & Gesture Interactions: When you are developing for HoloLens, you must ensure your app supports voice and gesture interactions. You must make the app inclusive by including all types of interaction support. Adding this instinctual input is easy with the MR toolkit you receive with your HoloLens.

#04. Include Real Sound: Adding spatial sound to your application can make the user connect with the real world. It may feel like they are in the actual world that they are simulating.

You can recreate real-world sounds on HoloLens when developing the applications. This would build smooth experiences and engagement.

#05. Be Specific: Whether you are offering instructions or creating the navigation, be precise. Your instructions must be clear and specific.

This would ensure minimal frustration when using the application. The user is more likely to engage with your app if it offers clarity.

How Expert App Devs Can Help?

Expert App Devs is a leading mobile app development company with expertise in current trends and technologies. Here’s how our team can help with HoloLens development.

#1. We offer cost-effective and efficient HoloLens app development solutions while catering to your needs and specific requirements.

#2. Our team has the requisite experience and skillset to build top-notch and high-quality HoloLens solutions.

#3. We possess the supporting infrastructure, tools and resources required to build on your idea. For instance, we have the Hololens 2 development edition to begin creating holograms. We ensure the right methodology, processes and approach to deliver quality solutions.

#4. We adhere to the compliances specified by the industry. We also extend 100% security with our solutions, thus ensuring the best outcomes and zero vulnerabilities.


HoloLens has garnered a lot of attention from the development community and businesses. It assures exceptional real-world mapping and immersive environments. It blends the real and virtual worlds in the best possible way.

Given the benefits of HoloLens, it is important to develop an application to leverage its capabilities for your business. Expert App Devs have the suitable talent pool, infrastructure and experience to drive your dreams. We can easily convert your ideas into capable solutions.

Connect with our team to build your ideas into HoloLens solutions.

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