Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2020

January 26, 2022 4 min read
Enterprise Mobility Trends

Enterprise Mobility adopted by organisations to extend profits, lowering costs, increasing shareholder wealth, providing flexibility to their workers to work remotely from their devices and giving access to the necessary data through the cloud. It will increase productivity by switching from the conventional office model to the remote working model. Now-a-days almost all the organisations are understanding the importance of mobile-first strategies and focusing on the mobility part.

Apart from increasing productivity, flexibility to organisations, it also improves customer satisfaction, employee engagement, improvement in workflow, etc. Most organizations are comfortable to adopt the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach as it provides flexibility, reduces IT expenses and enhances productivity. In these organizations allowing employees to use their mobile devices by helping them install customized apps that are strictly limited to work-related activities such as access to the mail account, manage files or sending private files with others. This increases employees flexibility and ability to work on the go.

Below are the top trending Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2020:

1.  Internet of Things

In simple words, the Internet of Things refers to numerous devices that are interconnected and communicate with each other without human intervention. The devices can be computer, object, machine, or any human/animal mounted with an identifier. Enterprise mobility can leverage the data extraction and analysis features of the Internet of Things for improving their performance. Here are some examples of how Internet of Things and mobility mix have been changing enterprises for ever:

  • Better productivity with improved supervision
  • Better security breaches with Internet of Thing-powered smart devices
  • Rapid response to changing customer demands, emerging market trends,  and to develop more productively.

2. Artificial Intelligence based Chatbots

It has been predicted that chatbots will handle 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020. On one hand, chatbots can improve customer support services, and on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence technology can increase the performance of the employees. AI-based chatbots are necessary for the growth of modern organizations. It will bring automation in crucial processes like customer service.

In the upcoming time, almost all enterprise mobility solutions have chatbots.

3. 5G Wireless Technologies

Telecom companies all over the world are moving towards the 5G era and it seems that arrival of 5G technology will bring radical changes in the mobile industry. Modern organizations are looking forward to implementing this technology, as it promises an increased speed of 10 Gbps for downloading and uploading over mobile networks by reducing the latency and offering stable network connections.

Due to the global Pandemic situation of COVID-19, the world has been divided into two eras, the pre-Covid era, and the one post it. While the future has more kinds of these changes to showcase one thing is for sure. It has changed how enterprises function. Most of the resources are working remotely and that significantly indicates why you need to adopt 5G. 5G offers businesses greater flexibility while Remote working, organization mobility applications, cloud services and connected devices. 

Although, organizations are required to make their apps more 5G-capable in order to be updated with competition while making their processes work the same.

4. Wearable Devices

Wearables are making a smashing comeback. They are nicer and are a lot better than before. The adoption of wearable technology will push organizations to integrate it into their business applications. The smart offices want to provide their employees convenience and the ability to work from anywhere. And that’s why wearable technology will complement the same.

5. On Demand Apps

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in the market for on-demand delivery apps! On-demand apps are useful from the aspects of convenience and necessity. Be it a taxi booking or home service, food delivery, or courier service, the on-demand apps can always remain handy for organizations and customers as well.

On-demand app development services will be ready to cover new areas. This on-demand economy offers many opportunities for startups and organizations

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