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Dating applications help in meeting new people more easily, provide a diverse range of prospective matches, employ clever algorithms to recommend compatible couples and provide safe chatting and video chats to improve the dating experience.

Business Problem

Our client is a trend follower and came to us with the idea of amazing dating app development. On the first note, he wanted the app to be user-friendly and comfortable for all age groups. The business had a ready prototype and design model for a dating app but was facing integration issues as it was about merging various range of categories like singles, and divorcees to meet new people and explore new connections with the same mindset.

The Big Idea

The client's intention was to provide an intuitive and friendly social dating platform while preserving security constraints.

We understood the exact scope of the client's project and worked on secure integration and data security by implementing privacy rules and authentication methods.

Brief into Zing Dating Application

We started our research by exploring the current social and dating apps, and we noticed almost everyone has common features, so we brainstormed more on how we can make our dating app different from others. We implemented our unique matchmaking algorithm that will suggest to the user the profile relevant to their choice and personality.

Our Process

  • We have reviewed a large number of themes and designs before shortlisting the perfect one for social and dating apps.
  • We worked on the custom scripts and integrated suitable plugins to keep the app performing efficiently even with a large user base.
  • The team at Expert App Devs listed various categories, such as single and relationship people. Divorcees, LGBTQ, and more.
  • We also implemented advanced filters that allow users to filter the profile based on community, height, weight, age, location-based search, and much more.
  • After that, we developed a multi-language and translation functionality to remove language barriers among people and let them communicate freely.
  • Other than this, we have divided the dating app pricing into three sizes that are basic, moderate, and premium, according to the features that users wish to use.
  • We have added a free trial for first-time users to explore the app functionality and get more ideas before they go for purchasing the premium plans.
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Managing the mutual interest feature and handling a high volume of traffic on the app was a real challenge. Though budget was not the issue, implementing robust security and making users feel comfortable using this dating app was the main aim. Choosing the right template and theme for the overall look and feel of the app was a hectic task as the dating app needs to look decent and safe.

Our team of expert App Devs used SSL protocol in the app integration and implemented a multi-factor authentication feature to secure the user's profile and prevent unauthorized access. We also worked on a location-based search feature, which required extensive research and data import to enable search from different locations.

Being a top-notch dating app development company and keeping uniqueness and smooth user experience, we have added the following features to the dating app.


  • Register and log In

    User can create their profile on the app using their email ID, mobile number, or any social media platform integrations.

  • Discover Features

    This feature allows users to search for relevant profiles and find people nearby who are available on the dating app.

  • Add/Edit/Delete Photos

    User can upload their cool pictures on the timeline. They can also edit and delete accordingly to maintain the profile.

  • Remove or Block Person

    In case of any abuse or problem, the user can easily block or remove the specific person from the friendlist.

  • Chat

    Users can chat and message a particular person by searching their name or the profile they find interesting.

  • Geo-Location-based Search

    The user can find the best match based on the preferred location.

  • Push Notification

    It provides user with a notification when someone visits their profile, sends requests or send a message.

  • Social Media Integrations

    User can seamlessly connect this dating app with their social media accounts to sync the contacts.

  • Public/Private Profile

    It allows users to set account privacy as public or only visible to connections.

  • Payment

    User can pay via UPI or any other preferred payment method for their desired subscription to the dating app.

  • Video Chat

    It allows users to video chat with their friends and partners at their comfort. Real-Time Voice Chat: The user can simply speak and send a voice message during chat.

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