Apple Event 2022 - Check Out All Exciting Technology Revelations

September 08, 2022 7 min read
apple event 2022

The latest Apple event has everything a tech-geek can ask for! Apple is here with some exciting news and updates for its customers worldwide!

Tim Cook launched the event with how Apple has meticulously ensured seamless hardware and software integration. Furthermore, he mentioned how the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Airpods are the three biggest Apple heroes. It was clear from the beginning that these three products would receive some exciting updates. After all, together, they do create magical experiences.

While Apple has launched some incredible features and updates, Apple hasn’t increased the prices. So, are you excited to know what changes or innovations Apple has come up with?

Let’s get started! To make it simpler, we have divided our blog into the three products and their updates.

Apple Watch

We were excited to note the changes introduced in the smartwatch segment. It has been augmented to offer seamless and immersive experiences.

Apple Watch Series 8

apple watch series 8

With new features, advanced sensors, and excellent watch faces, this new series 8 watch will take over the smart world by the storm. Apple has emphasized the importance of health and well-being by introducing some capable health-related features with this new watch series.

Let’s start with the design and go on to the features

  • The Apple Watch 8 design is similar to series 7. However, the display is brighter for better reading.
  • It is designed to be crack-proof, swim-proof, and highly durable as it will be worn under harsh conditions too.
  • Apart from medical emergency detection with heart rate and pulse, it can also signal emergency SOS. As a result, you will receive medical aid immediately.

However, that is not the most crucial innovation.

Cycle Tracking: The new series 8 has introduced a cycle track using a temperature sensor. There is a temperature sensor just below the display and one at the back of the watch, which can help with accurate measurement. As a result, it can track your ovulation and help you keep up with your health.

It also offers insights into your body, helps you with your workouts, and ensures better health. 

Crash Detection: To protect you during car crashes and ensure safety, Series 8 has come with the crash detection feature. The watch will be governed by two motion sensors that can effectively detect crash situations.

Low Power Mode: On a regular day, Apple Watch can go up to 18 hours. However, if you want to increase the battery life, you can opt for low power mode. In this mode, the watch will continue with the core features.

Apple watch SE

apple se

The event unveiled the new Apple Watch SE, which has a 30% larger display than Apple Watch Series 8. It is rugged and best suited for family setup. You can pair your kid’s Apple Watch with your iPhone.

It is priced lower than Series 8 and comes with a plastic design. It is suitable for all the core functions that you want to get done with the Apple Watch. It also comes with features such as heart rate notifications. You can detect falls with the watch.

Apple Watch Ultra

apple watch ultra

There were rumors about a new Apple Watch model specifically designed for the rugged environment. Apple has put these rumors to rest by announcing the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, explicitly used for hikes, explorations, and other activities. It is helpful for people who love sports. It is one of the most rugged and highly capable watches from Apple.

  • It is designed using the Aerospace grade titanium case, which keeps it protected.
  • It has been designed for long walks and hikes and comes with an in-built compass.
  • It also includes an orange color action button that allows you to control different functions.
  • It provides a night mode that offers better visibility in the dark.
  • You can use the action button to activate the siren in an emergency. It will help people nearby know about the danger and reach you faster.
  • The makers have devised an Oceanic Plus app for this watch.

Note: Apple watches are made using recyclable materials. It is in sync with their goal to reduce carbon footprints and go carbon neutral by 2023.


airpods pro 2

Airpods are the second most popular product from Apple. In this keynote, they announced the launch of Airpods Pro, which promises better sound quality and noise cancellation abilities.

  • The new Airpods come with an H2 chip that provides high connectivity, better bandwidth, and outstanding sound quality. It provides an exceptional experience to the customers.
  • The pods will offer touch control that can help adjust sound easily.
  • You can charge them with MagSafe chargers.
  • It offers an extended battery life of up to 6 hours.
  • The new chip provides 2x noise cancellation, which means you can remove unnecessary noises while listening to the pods.
  • It is highly power efficient.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

iphone 14 and 14plus

We have finally reached the most exciting part of the announcement- the launch of iPhone 14 and 14 plus.

The display for iPhone 14 is 6.1” while the 14 Plus is 6.7.”

The makers have subtly removed the iPhone mini from the new launch. The new iPhones will be launched with OLED technology, and the internal design has been slightly updated. It comes with a new ceramic shield.

The new iPhones will offer all-day battery life, again the first of its kind. The new iPhones will replace the physical sims with eSim in the US markets.

One of the most remarkable updates of iPhone 14 and 14 plus is the low light mode enabled for the front camera. This allows users to take clear pictures even when the light is low.

With this iPhone, they have also launched crash detection and SOS via the Satellite feature. This means you can send an emergency signal via satellites, even when WiFi or Internet services are unavailable. This ensures better connectivity for the users.

iPhone 14 Pro Series

It is the mega launch of the year- the iPhone 14 pro and pro max. They are bigger, better and exceptionally driven versions of the iPhone.

With this new series, makers have launched two new upgrades- one to the design and the other to the camera.

iphone 14 pro

Dynamic Island

Apple has replaced the notch on the top of the display with a pill-shaped display that they call the dynamic island. It is more of an animated version that is highly adaptive. It will take to the application's personality from which you have received the update.

You will get everything from what’s currently open on the phone to current notifications on the blurb. It is subtly there in the background, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

It also minimizes the distraction that comes with an alert popping up on the screen.


The iPhone pro series has observed the most significant upgrade in the camera. It offers excellent motion pictures. You can take 4K quality videos and photos with this camera. 

  • They have also updated the ultra-wide and telephoto cameras. 
  • The rear camera, also the phone's primary camera, is powered by a 48p quad-pixel sensor.
  • The zoom quality is made better with this new iPhone. 
  • Industry-leading durability features.
  • The performance of the phone is better than the previous versions. The reason being it is powered by the bionic A16 chip. This has also made the phone power efficient and highly reliable.


Apple concluded the keynote on a high note. They ensured that people were driven by the powerful updates they had included in the new versions.

We are typically excited about how the three gadgets will rule the roost in the coming times. These devices will be available from mid to end of September.

Our team can’t wait to get their hands on the new devices and start working on applications that can offer quality and high performance.

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