iOS 16 Preview : New Features and Enhancements Revealed at WWDC

June 10, 2022 7 min read
ios 16 preview WWDC 2022

The Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) unraveled its all-new operating system version, iOS 16. The new version will come with exciting updates that enhance messaging and display screen and improve personalization efforts.

The Beta version is available for testing, and developers can start working on it. Check out this link to download the beta version. Once all the final enhancements and testing are complete, the final version will be available for download this fall.

How will iOS 16 Enhance App Experiences?

The exciting features will unlock new development opportunities for the developer. From the lock screen to widgets and maps, the latest additions to the operating system will make life simpler for the developer and the user. Here are some of the ios developer-side enhancements that were announced at the conference.

#1. Metal 3

There are a few new features added to Metal in this new version. Apple uses Metal to power the hardware and accelerate graphics to improve the integration between graphics and computing. It comes with a range of profiling and debugging tools for the GPU.

The new version offers MetalFX upscaling, meaning you can render complex scenes in a lesser timeframe without compromising performance. It uses both temporal and spatial algorithms to enhance the app performance when graphics are involved. Other feature enhancements include offline shader compilation, mesh shaders, and metal backend using PyTorch. As a result, you get a fast-paced and high-performance GPU.

#2. ARKit 6

The ARKit was introduced to build Augmented Reality driven app solutions for the different business scopes. With this toolkit, you can render perfectly edited films and videos. You get complete HDR support, and it helps capture the high-resolution background with ease.

The all-new version has come with its set of enhancements and features. You can use the toolkit to capture a 4K video with the rear camera. You can integrate the virtual and real worlds using the toolkit to improve the different types of AR-based app solutions.

With this toolkit, you can use the rear camera and capture the high-resolution background image. You get complete HDR support and exposure and white balance support that allows you to control the balance and focus for every image.

With the LiDAR scanner, you can place AR objects in the real world by scanning them. Adding real-world objects to your application becomes more accessible with this feature.

With this toolkit's features, you can capture a person or object in motion with a single camera.

#3. Machine Learning

The CoreML has an update that will allow you to build new and exciting AI-driven applications. With the Float16 data types to enhance ML integration into your applications to make them smarter. It will enable you to create compelling training sets, optimize your machine and improve your learning.

The model creation framework enhancements will allow you to create more personalized and accurate algorithms for your requirements. With this feature, you can improve language analysis, sound classification, and object detection within the images.

The new feature update for this core framework will allow you to create adaptive experiences while keeping the app secure. You can customize the model and train them to meet your business app requirements.

#4. WidgetKit

It is possible to enhance the lock screen and display with the widgetkit and offer intuitive interfaces for your applications. With the widgetkit, developers can introduce complications to the lock screen that will enhance privacy.

Developers can introduce codes for both iOS 16 and WatchOS9 with the help of SwiftUI which can improve the lock screen interface.

Once you have created the structure, you can share it with the home screen widgets. Eventually, developers will be able to use the toolkit to develop live activities and deliver real-time updates. As a result, you can personalize experiences as the user will know what is happening in the app and what to expect.

#5. App Intents

This is the Swift-specific framework that has been introduced with iOS16. With this, you can introduce applications that allow users to quickly accomplish their tasks in the apps using voice or tap. With this, developers can create shortcuts and add them to your iOS-powered devices.

It will enable developers to create app shortcuts, which you can then install on your iPhone, iOS, and WatchOS. As a result of these shortcuts, you will notice an increase in the interaction between users and Siri.

#6. Map Upgrades

The new iOS16 has brought with it several enhancements to the maps application. You can introduce detailed 3D plans in your application using these enhancements. By integrating maps into your application, you can create data that you can visualize in 3D. The map upgrades will allow developers to integrate the feature and create immersive experiences using specific features. You will notice reduced battery usage and optimized performance with the new enhancement.

#7. In-app Payments

The new OS version has also introduced some critical enhancements to the in-app payments. With a single code, you can ensure that the in-app payments connect to XCode, offer code redemption, and are placed in StoreKit. Developers can use the sandbox environment to test the apps created using in-app payments.

#8. Wallet and Apple Key

If you plan to introduce the wallet in your application, it is time to note the enhancements made to this feature with the new version.

This new feature allows customers to record IDs in their wallets with a single tap. They can use it to store their driving license, social security, and other details.

Apps can use wallets to verify the user and complete the identification process.

With Apple Pay Later, they can convert every transaction into an EMI. Instead of working it out in a single go, they can use the monthly installments to complete the purchase.

Merchants can use this wallet to introduce order and invoice tracking. Apple Pay has also undergone a tremendous shift in recent times. With this feature, you can include contactless payments in your application.

#9. Filter API

The new version comes with the focus filter API that allows you to change settings with the focus filters. With this API, you can ensure that the user sees only relevant things and avoid viewing the other things.

To ensure privacy within the applications, you can ensure that certain specific features are not added. You can customize the apps depending on the type of focus filters the user has chosen. Adding this code will help personalize experiences.

#10. LockScreen Enhancements

The lock screen unleashes a new experience for the end-users. You can induce customization of the lock screen, thus allowing customers to change the color, font, and position of the components on display.

Choose the widgets that are important to you, and add them to the lock screen. End customers can create lock screen displays using their favorite emojis with the new version.


Apple unveiled the all-new iOS16 during the iOS developer conference, and it has set the field for app personalization. The significant updates and enhancements will help developers customize the application and make them more user-friendly.

Security enhancements have been extreme, supporting the need to remove vulnerabilities and increase privacy. At Expert App Devs, we always believe in staying abreast with futuristic trends and current technologies. Our developers are all set to dive their hands into the beta version and provide your business with a capable solution with our expertise and understanding.

If you have an iOS-first mobile app idea, we have the iOS developer team and facilities ready to convert your vision to reality. Connect with our team, Hire iOS Developer and let’s discuss your idea.

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