A Complete Guide on Flutter App Development

February 27, 2024 6 min read
flutter app development guide

The mobile app industry is enormous, and every day new apps are entering this space. 88% of the user's mobile time is spent within the mobile apps. (Source: emarketer.com) There are at least 2.87Mn apps available on Google Play Store alone. The total number of apps on the Apple store stands at 1.96Mn.(Source: statista.com) These are huge numbers, and they are going to keep increasing.

With such exciting stats backing mobile app development, enterprises must think of app-first if it helps engage better.

Having said this, the biggest dilemma that presents itself before companies is whether to go Android/iOS first with their solution. For startups and small/medium businesses, you should essentially try identifying ways in which you can enter both OS simultaneously. With cross-platform app development, you can release apps for all the users and gain more traction.

We just solved one problem, giving rise to another- what framework to use for cross-platform apps.

We will talk about why Flutter app development is the future and how it can help businesses accomplish their app goals.

What is Flutter?

Before moving any further, let's first understand what Flutter is and how this framework works.

This open-source framework was developed by Google using the Dart programming language using Dart programming language. The current stable version of this framework is Flutter 1.9. You can create mobile applications for both Android and iOS, web applications, and Mac solutions using this framework.

What Makes Flutter the Ideal Platform for Cross-platform Apps?

We will talk numbers before moving on to the advantages this platform poses for developers. According to a survey conducted in 2020(Source: statista.com), Flutter is considered the most popular cross-platform framework for mobile app development. A good number of developers tend to choose this framework owing to its ease of operability and reliability.

Again, going by the numbers, 35% of the developers use Flutter in startups(Source: venturebeat.com), while a good 26% have used it in enterprise app solutions. In April 2020, 90k apps in the Play store were developed using the Flutter framework. These numbers showcase the increasing popularity of the Flutter framework, especially for startups.

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Here are the benefits of using Flutter for mobile app development to know why Flutter is so popular with developers.

Benefits of Flutter

#1 Faster Time-to-market

Flutter app development company claims a faster time-to-market for your app. In addition, you can release your app in quick iterations, thus getting an edge over the competition.

Features like hot reloading and hot restart allow developers to write and launch their codes in real-time, thus enhancing their productivity and accelerating the app's releases.

#2 Use of Single Codebase

Flutter allows developers to create "write once and use everywhere" codes. You don't have to make lengthy codes for the different operating systems. Instead, you can reuse the codes and the components across Android and iOS. As a result, you save time and effort when creating apps for multiple platforms. It also helps you gain more traction, as you can increase your user base across both platforms.

#3 Intuitive and Accessible Interfaces

The interface is what your users will primarily use. Therefore, it is essential to make it as accessible and intuitive as possible. The users should not have a steep learning curve trying to find ways to access and use your app.

With Flutter, you can customize and even enhance the usability of your interfaces. It allows you to create an engaging front end. You can customize everything from the icons to the colors and layouts for the applications.

The idea is to make it more in sync with your target audience and brand to achieve your business goals.

#4 Plethora of Platform Opportunities

You can create limitless opportunities for your business with this framework. You are in no way restricted from creating applications for iOS or Android. 

You can build applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux too. This way, you can reach customers beyond the smartphone and engage with them. It also helps improve your brand's reach and visibility.

#5 Serverless Startup Apps

Startups can create serverless apps with this framework using Google Firebase to support the backend. It allows a quick development cycle using which you can develop applications within the timelines you have set. This works as a benefit for the startups, mainly. It helps them with quicker app releases and faster upgrades.

Flutter is an excellent choice for mobile/web app development, specifically when budgeting and cost constraints.

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Why Should Startups Consider Flutter Development?

Are you planning to develop a business app for your startup? Here's why Flutter is the way to go forward.

#1 No Restrictions App Development

As a developer, you know the challenges of native app development and cross-platform app development. There are plenty of code restrictions and action barriers that you tend to experience.

However, Flutter allows users to enjoy the best of both worlds by developing cross-platform applications. It offers the code once and uses the everywhere approach.

#2 Increases Developer Productivity

Developers who code using Flutter are highly productive. Features like "hot reload" allow you to change the code and view its effects in the application in real time. It also allows you to avoid recompiling, which eventually saves a lot of your time.

This is an advantage for startups, as they need to make sure the releases and iterations are quick. If the developer can code faster without any issues, then the time-to-market automatically goes less.

#3 Firebase as your Backend

Most startups need a robust and cost-efficient solution for their backend. With Flutter, you get the flexibility to use Firebase as your backend. The backend solution from Google hosts a plethora of solutions, including cloud support, real-time database services, and security layered with authentication.

If you move to Firebase to support your backend needs, you can scale with ease and greater flexibility, a much-needed aspect for startups.

You can combine Firebase with Flutter along with automation tools for quicker releases and better development processes.

#4 Fuchsia on Flutter

We all are eagerly awaiting the upcoming operating system from Google, Fucshia. It is a production-grade operating system that will influence security and upgrades heavily. Moreover, many market researchers believe it will set the tone for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Currently, a lot remains unknown about the platform's interface. However, it will redefine how we have been using applications as a common belief.

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Expert App Devs has a Flutter-centric development team that identifies ways and means to leverage the platform to create innovative applications. As a result, we have the proper amalgamation of creativity, expertise, experience, and knowledge that can help you release quick and interactive applications into the market.

We are driven by a tight and defined process that includes validating the idea and executing it in sync with the strategy. We ensure delivering an MVP before going ahead with the final development to get a clear picture of how your application would look.

If you have a mobile or web app requirement, connect with our team to plan the next steps.

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