Why App Developers Love Google’s Flutter Framework?

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During the Google I/O developer conference in May 2021, Google released the Flutter version 2.2, taking the framework to the next best level. The earlier version was more of an SDK for mobile development. However, with the recent release, the company has converted it into a cross-platform app development framework. As a result, Google has entered a space to create apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems.

Some of the critical updates that came forth with Flutter 2.2 include:

  1. It offers null safety, which allows developers to develop confidently and create more secure projects. It is the norm of the developer world, and adding this feature has taken Flutter one notch higher
  2. Google has also released the in-app payments plugin alongside the new version launch, which will allow developers to enhance the apps with minimal efforts

Along with the version upgrade for Flutter, Google has also released a version upgrade for Dart.

With this new release, there are more reasons for developers to fall in love with the Flutter framework. However, before we talk about love and why it exists, let's take a quick look at the mobile niche and how app development is the key to growth.

Into the Mobile App World

Mobile app usage was on a high even before the Pandemic. However, the Pandemic reimagined how mobile apps are consumed and what people can do with these solutions. As a result, mobile app downloads have gone up by 23.3% since the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It also led to healthy competition between businesses to create a mobile-first solution for their end consumers. From education apps to productivity apps, there was a surge in usage.

The average consumer spend on mobile apps in Q2 of 2021 is $5.31. A total of 196Bn apps have been downloaded from the Google Play Store in 2021. If sources are believed, the total mobile app downloads will increase by 45% since 2017.

On average, the app users spend close to 3 hours 45 minutes on a mobile device every day. These statistics prove that mobile apps are the future. Therefore, businesses need to consider developing app solutions for their users.

It is equally essential to think about penetration before going ahead with app development. What would OS give you maximum reach? Given the times and the average number of devices for Android going up, businesses can no longer think iOS-first when they plan a mobile app solution.

If you plan good reach and visibility with your mobile apps, you need to think cross-platform. It is important to release an app for both the operating systems simultaneously to gain more traction and convert faster.

Flutter and the Developers Love for the Framework

When you say cross-platform app development, a good number of developers will vote for the Flutter framework. You would notice that flutter app development has gained more love after the version 2.2 update. Currently, 42% of the developers globally prefer the flutter framework for cross-platform development.

Here are a few reasons we believe developers have fallen for this platform and cannot think beyond it for cross-platform solutions.

#1 It is an open-source framework

This is one of the most significant benefits and reasons why developers adore this platform. There's no limit to what you can do with an open-source framework. You can make changes to the source code to create a unique solution for your users specifically.

You get complete access to the documentation, making it easier to know how the community has written the code and what changes you can make to get to your solution. In addition, you get access to developers working on this framework and their methods. It helps gain instant help with the answer you are developing.

As a result, it impacts your productivity, and with fewer efforts, you are ready to release the app to the market. You can also add your code to the base and help others who are working on Flutter. This sharing and supporting and open nature of the code is truly beneficial for all beginner and advanced cross-platform developers.

#2 A single codebase that can be shared

If you have been following the latest trends in app development, you would have seen that a single codebase is the future. However, before we look at the advantages of a single codebase, let's take a quick look at what this means.

It means you write a single code and then share it across operating systems. You don't have to spend writing a separate code for iOS and Android. This can help you save time and effort and also release apps quickly into the market.

The single codebase has its advantages as listed here:

  1. When you want to upgrade the app, you don't have to think of different upgrades for iOS and Android. You will upgrade it using the single codebase format; as a result, it saves a lot of your money and efforts
  2. App uniformity matters when it comes to seamless performance and intuitive usage. With a single codebase, you can create the same experience across devices, resulting in which your user doesn't face friction. It helps you keep the customer engaged for a long while and increases your app visibility
  3. When you go for native app development, you might have to effort towards version compatibility. This is not the case with single codebase frameworks
  4. Lastly, the market reach and the app penetration is higher as a result, which helps you gain more conversions

#3 The hot reload for quicker updates

Hot reload is a feature that has contributed to the increased development speed and added to overall productivity. With this feature, the developers and designers can view the updates made to the framework instantly. As a result, you can code the apps without delays or interruptions. Furthermore, these code changes won't impact your development in any way.

With these changes to the code, you can add more app features in real-time, using the new functionality. As a result, you can create better solutions within the timeline without facing downtime.

#4 The backing of a robust community

When in doubt, consult an expert. That's what you can do when you create your app solutions with the Flutter framework. The solid backing of a community is one of the most significant advantages for you as a developer. You always have someone whom you can consult whenever needed. They will guide you with your development requirements.

If someone has created a similar solution, they will tell you what to add or remove when designing your solution.

#5 Get more investors for your app idea

When you are starting, you need investors who can add some funds to your dream app solution. However, an idea alone cannot attract investors. It would help if you had something more than an idea, but you don't want to develop an entire app. That's where the MVP comes to play. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) gives the investors an idea of what your product can do and helps them get the basic functionality right.

It also acts as the base for your future app development. Flutter app development offers extensive MVP development, allowing developers to share their app ideas instantly and get more people to invest in them. In addition, the MVP you develop with this framework provides an enriching experience and incredible ease of use to the developers, making it easier to complete the development.

#6 Performance that matches the native mobile apps

This is one of the biggest reasons why developers love the Flutter app development framework. It offers a performance that matches native app solutions, and the developers don't need to invest time and effort into developing two different apps.
The reason behind this high-performance framework can be attributed to Dart. Dart is fast, simple, and can be easily compiled into native code.


Flutter has facilitated incredible app solutions that match the end user’s requirements and are at par with the experience requirements. With its open-source and colossal development community, Flutter helps developers access help documentation, source code, and immediate assistance whenever required. As a result, it impacts developers’ productivity and ease of development, thus accelerating your time to market the app solution.

It is, however, essential to find the right flutter app development company to partner with if you want to gain maximum success. Hiring the right developers requires an understanding of the app’s purpose, the strength of the company, and their experience.

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