7 Reasons to Choose React Native for Enterprise App Development

January 01, 2024 9 min read
react native for enterprise app development

A collaborative approach among different departments can make any organization's processes and operations smoother and more streamlined.

Employees can make better decisions collectively and improve their efficiency and productivity as well.

This is the core reason why you need a robust, unmatched, and feature-rich enterprise app for your organization.

An enterprise app is designed in a manner that perfectly integrates all the existing computer systems to run all the operations and processes of the organization to facilitate employees' and other stakeholders' cooperation, coordination, and collaboration.

All you need to do is hire professional enterprise app development services.

If you want to develop an enterprise app, there are many platforms and frameworks available for that. However, in recent times, React Native has become one of the most preferred frameworks for building engaging, impressive, and feature-rich cross-platform enterprise applications.

This post discusses why you should choose React Native framework for your enterprise app development project.

What is React Native?

In March 2015, Facebook launched React Native, an open-source, cross-platform app development framework. The primary goal of creating React Native was to reduce the time and effort required by developers to create highly functional cross-platform apps.

React Native is based on JavaScript, so developers can easily make native as well as cross-platform mobile apps. As of today, React Native is the most obvious choice among developers worldwide for creating native and hybrid mobile apps.

In the next section, we will discuss some of the benefits of the React Native framework and why you should Hire React Native developers for your enterprise app development project.

What are the Benefits of the React Native Framework?

Since its inception, React Native has become one of the best and most preferred mobile app development frameworks. There are four main benefits that React Native offers to developers and businesses.

benefits of the react native framework

Highly Efficient App Development

With React Native, app development becomes easier for developers. Here, developers use JavaScript XML, called JSX, with HTML, which makes coding simpler for them.

Furthermore, developers can also create different individual components and use them multiple times as and when required. The overall app development process becomes highly efficient.


The React Native architecture is highly flexible and scalable. There are no strict architecture protocols that developers have to follow, which, in turn, improves the scalability of the app.

Developers can create their own logic to develop app features. Also, they can also use Flux, a data flow management pattern available in a React.JS app.

Intuitive UI Development

Having an intuitive and impressive user interface is a must for any app. With React Native, developers can easily create compelling user interfaces to lure the audience.

Also, React Native is easy to learn and use, making the enterprise app development process easy and effortless.

Faster Development

Developers can share and reuse individual components, making the development process quicker. They can also make component libraries quicker to speed up the development process.

What Kinds of Solutions are Usually Built with React.js?

With React Native, developers can build a wide range of solutions for enterprises. They can create PWAs, custom enterprise apps, and custom eCommerce websites as well.

Single Page Applications

If you want to build a single-page app for your business, React Native is the ideal choice for you. Users can easily interact with the data stored on the server without the page reloading feature. On the basis of user inputs, the web page automatically updates content.

Enterprise Applications

With React Native, businesses can develop highly robust, feature-rich, and functional enterprise apps that streamline multiple processes and business operations and improve efficiency and productivity.

Hybrid Applications

React Native is the first choice amongst developers when they want to develop hybrid applications that can run on any platform.

Also, React Native apps have a shorter app-to-market time, making it the ideal solution for hybrid apps for startups and small-scale companies.

E-commerce Websites

If you want to develop a feature-rich eCommerce website that loads quickly and offers a pleasant user experience to your audience, go for React Native.

You can have some amazing features on your websites, such as filters, advanced search, APIs, and categorically separated pages.

Large Corporations That Have Used React Native in Large-Scale Projects

Yes, you heard it right. There are many giants who have used React Native to develop their web or mobile app solutions.

1. Skype

We all use Skype, an online chat and video-calling messenger app, for communication. It is powered by Microsoft and built with the React Native framework.

2. UberEats

UberEats, one of the top-notch food ordering apps, is also built with the React Native framework. It loads fast, has some amazing features, and offers an unparalleled user experience to customers.

3. Facebook

Do we need to write an introduction? Facebook is the best social networking app today. Guess the framework. Yes, it is React Native.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest, a leading photo-sharing app, is also built with the React Native framework, offering brilliant features and benefits to businesses and customers.

Apart from these giant companies, Tesla, Bloomberg, Vogue, and many other companies have used the React Native framework to develop their web or mobile solutions. Hire React Native developers now and start building your enterprise app.

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Reasons to Choose React Native for Your Enterprise App Development Project

Now, let’s not beat around the bush and start discussing the top 7 best reasons to choose React Native Framework for enterprise app development.

react-native for your enterprise app development

1. It is a popular future-oriented framework

React Native is a future-oriented framework that is here to stay for a long time. When you are building an enterprise mobile app, it is crucial to ensure that the framework has future scope.

Facebook supports React Native, which is proof that it will stay for a long time and will be updated from time to time with new features and functionalities.

2. Fast app development

Typically, when you want to build a native app, you will require two separate teams for Android and iOS. Also, both teams have to collaborate carefully throughout the process.

It is not the case when you are using React Native. Here, you will need a single team to work on both platforms.

You will have a single UI and coding language that will work for both platforms. It will reduce the development time by a great margin.

3. Easy to learn the coding language

React Native uses JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages. All you need to do is hire React Native developers who are well-versed in the language.

As JavaScript is easy to learn and implement, you will get a team of good developers at the best price.

4. Constantly evolving language

As Facebook supports React Native, it is one of the frameworks that is constantly evolving with time. Also, it is supported by a large global community of React Native developers who are trying hard to improve the framework’s capabilities.

5. Offers a more stable performance

There is a common misconception among people that native apps are stable and perform better than hybrid apps.

React Native proves them wrong.

There are various studies published where both native and React Native apps were compared, and the results came in favor of React Native apps.

Apps based on the React Native framework offer more stable performance and offer a native-like experience.

6. Supports external plugins

If you want to build an enterprise app from scratch, it will take more time and effort. Also, it will be a costly affair as well. The best way is to incorporate available plugins and tools to develop various features and functionalities. 

The React Native framework supports external plugins, which developers can easily integrate into the app and make the development process faster.

7. Code Reusability

React Native is popular among developers because of its code reusability.If you know JavaScript, you can develop enterprise apps for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

The same code that you used to build an Android app can be reused to develop an iOS app.

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What is the Future of the React Native Framework?

React Native is here to stay for a simple reason: Facebook. There will be amazing updates to the framework that will make the lives of developers easier. The development time will reduce and the React Native apps will perform excellently.

React Native offers a large number of benefits to developers and enterprises and it will continue to be so. You can quickly create a React Native-powered cross-platform app that can be released to the market. Furthermore, it offers a native-like experience to users.

In short, the future of React Native is very bright, and it will stay at the top position for a long period.

How Will Expert App Devs Help You in Enterprise App Development Using React Native?

If you want to develop an enterprise app, hire React Native developers from Expert App Devs.

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Our developers follow an agile development approach and keep communication clear and straight.

In addition to that, we are also equipped with the latest tools and technologies to develop future-ready, cutting-edge, and feature-rich enterprise apps for your business.

We deliver apps on time and also take care of support and maintenance.

Expert App Devs is your one-stop solution for you.


React Native is the best choice if you are looking for a functional, secure, and feature-rich enterprise app. It reduces costs and has a short app-to-market time.

Also, it supports external plugins and has an amazing code reusability feature.

Hire React Native developers from Expert App Devs to develop a robust enterprise app.


▶ Is React Native Good for Enterprise Applications?

Yes, if you are looking forward to enterprise app development framework, React Native is the best choice as it allows developers to reuse code. You can develop high-performing cross-platform apps that offer a native-life experience to users.

▶ How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Enterprise App Using React Native?

The cost to develop an enterprise app using the React Native framework depends on many factors, such as project scope, size, features, and others. However, on average, the cost might range from as low as $15,000* to $300,000* to incorporate advanced features.

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