Let’s Recap The Last Year at Expert App Devs

December 29, 2022 7 min read
recap the 2022 year at expertappdevs

It is a usual routine to look back when we finish something, isn’t it? 

When we complete the journey, it is a normal tendency to look back and evaluate it to get some motivation and inspiration. 

Well, at Expert App Devs, we feel so blessed and grateful when we look back at 2022. We take immense pride to notify you that we have accomplished almost all the goals that we made before the year started. 

It has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone associated with Expert App Devs. Before we delve into our achievements in 2022 and plans for 2023, let’s give a brief introduction to Expert App Devs. 

Expert App Devs is a renowned mobile app development company in India, popular for future-ready, customer-centric, and highly secure web and mobile app solutions. 

We have a rich experience in the domain and have delivered more than 2500 projects to date. Our core expertise lies in native app development, hybrid and cross-platform app development, PWA development, website design and development, and ecommerce web and mobile app development. We also offer mobile software solutions and custom software solutions as well. 

We are equipped with the latest technologies and tools to develop advanced, cutting-edge IT solutions that take your business to new heights. Our world-class app solutions cater to your business requirements to get a competitive edge. 

In 2022, we were able to help new as well as existing clients with some next-generation mobile app solutions to conquer the world. Our agile development methodology and no compromise on quality attitude has helped us to win the trust of our esteemed clients. 

Mobile apps and web app solutions developed by us are of world-class standards and help businesses and enterprises to achieve their business objectives. Our innovative IT and mobile app solutions have helped to upscale the businesses of our clients. 

Our technology expertise comprises iOS, React Native, Android, Flutter, Unity 3D, ASP.NET, Python, Xamarin, Wearable Devices, Chromecast, iBeacon, AR, VR, Ionic, etc. We also offer IoT app development services to offer a pleasant user experience to your audience. 

Nonetheless, we also went through some organizational changes such as hiring new talents, streamlining business processes, and aligning our development practices with the latest technological trends and updates. 

Welcomed New Members of the Family 

This year, we have increased our strength as our business development team was working hard to fetch new projects from the market. 

We have hired more than 40 technical and non-technical employees in the Expert App devs family. Some of them are freshers and some of them possess a rich experience in the domain. 

However, we were able to extract the best from them. These individuals are self-motivated, inquisitive, and ready to meet new challenges. They came to the company with a fresh breeze of air and helped us to improve efficiency and productivity. 

Technical entrants include mobile app developers, website developers, UI/UX designers, and quality analysts. On the other hand, non-technical employees include content writers, SEO experts, account managers, human resources executives, and administrative staff. All of them have contributed a lot to boosting productivity and fine-tuning existing processes and operations. 

We sincerely thank them for joining and strengthening the Expert App Debs team. 

Celebrations at Expert App Devs 

celebrations 2022

All work and no play makes Jack's life very dull, right? 

We don’t let it happen. 

Therefore, at Expert App Devs, we emphasize enjoying and celebrating moments. We celebrate all the festivals and days with a pinch of humor and excitement. 

This year, we have celebrated Holi, Diwali, Christmas, India’s independence day, and many other Indian festivals with joy and enthusiasm. In addition to that, we also celebrated Women’s day, Men’s day, Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving day, and other popular days of the calendar. 

At Expert App Devs, we are a big family and all are beloved family members. We always believe in working hard and partying harder. Employees go out for lunches and dinners in groups to bring cohesiveness among team members. It brings productivity, dedication, and team spirit to the table. Our collective dedication and efficiency can be seen in the deliverables we offer to our clients. 

Projects We Have Delivered 

Take a glance at a few projects we have delivered to our clients. They were highly impressed with our feature-rich, functional, and scalable solutions. 

laboratory services app development

Laboratory Services App Development

We have developed a smart laboratory mobile app with an intuitive user interface. The app allows laboratories to better manage their processes and operations. 

Some of the features of the Laboratory Services app are discussed here:

For Patients:

  • Patients can book tests online. 
  • Patients can access records uploaded by the laboratory. 
  • Patients can download reports. 
  • Patients can access other features such as health blogs, questions & answers, etc. 
  • Patients can pay for the reports. 

For Laboratories: 

  • Laboratories can easily maintain the records of the patients. 
  • They can upload patients’ records and reports. 
  • They can receive payments through the app. 
  • They can track activities on the app. 
  • They can manage subscriptions.

rummy game development

Rummy Game Development 

We have developed an engaging and highly entertaining rummy gaming app that offers a seamless and adventurous user experience to users. This uncluttered app offers a thriving time to users while playing their favorite game. Some of the features of the Rummy game app are:

  • Users can sign up for the app and create a profile.
  • Users can play Rummy games at their convenience.
  • Users can manage their accounts.
  • Users can easily deposit and withdraw money from their accounts. 
  • Users can get real-time updates on their smartphones.

bike taxi booking app development

Bike Taxi Booking App Development

Booking a ride is easy with our superlative bike taxi booking app. You can download the app and book a ride in a few clicks. Some of the features are listed below:

For users:

  • Users can sign up and create a profile.
  • They can easily book a cab with a geographical location map. 
  • They can see the nearby drivers available for the ride. 
  • They can easily pay through various payment methods. 
  • They can rate the driver and taxi or bike and add reviews as well. 
  • They can receive real-time updates and track a driver. 

For Drivers:

  • Drivers can sign up and create profiles. 
  • They can easily get notifications about bookings. 
  • They can accept or cancel the ride. 
  • They can easily receive payments online. 
  • They can track the passenger through a map. 

For Administrator 

  • They can easily manage profiles with a user-friendly dashboard. 
  • They can track all the activities. 
  • They can track drivers. 
  • They can manage dispatchers and vehicles. 
  • They can get access to reports and analytics. 
  • They can manage refunds. 


Metaverse is the future. By definition, it is an imaginary virtual world that does not exist, but billions of people live, work, and interact with each other. You can access this world with the help of technology. 

The world is full of magical things such as human avatars of people who can roam in the world at their convenience. Experts believe that Metaverse has a wide range of benefits to offer us. They believe that Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. It is a single, immersive, and 3D virtual world where humans can experience life. 

We, at Expert App Devs, have started exploring this technology and are confident to offer Metaverse app development solutions to clients to give them a competitive edge. 

What are our goals for 2023?

In 2023, we have prepared a goal sheet full of possibilities and opportunities. 

  • We will increase our strength and will look forward to adding intelligent technical brains to our family. 
  • We will plan more advanced and innovative approaches to build more scalable, modern, and future-ready IT solutions. 
  • We look forward to making our internal processes and operations more streamlined, automotive, and advanced. 
  • We ensure better ROI for our clients by creating highly customized and business-centric solutions. 
  • We will add more technologies under our umbrella to serve our clients. 


In the end, we have enough memories and moments to cherish for 2022. At the same time, we look forward to welcoming 2023 to brace ourselves with new opportunities and possibilities.

Vaibhav Patel-img

Vaibhav Patel

Project Manager

Vaibhav Patel is a project manager with expertise in web development, API development, Laravel/PHP/WordPress/Node/Perl development, database management, server management (AWS/ Microsoft Azure), mobile app development and Agile practitioner.

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