Top 10 Reasons to Consider Flutter for Mobile App Development

January 01, 2024 4 min read
flutter for mobile app development

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile platform that developers can use to build native-looking Android and iOS applications from the same code base. It was officially launched in December 2018 by Google and has been trending ever since then by the mobile developer fraternity.

As per Statista, Flutter is used by 42% of cross-platform developers all over the world in 2023, over 2 million developers have used the Flutter framework as of 2023.

Let’s check the top 10 reasons why mobile app developers are preferring Flutter:

  1. Write Code Faster and Simple Development:

One of the foremost lauded options of Flutter is a hot reload that permits you to instantly read the changes created within the code on emulators, simulators, and hardware. In but a second, the modified code is reloaded whereas the app is running with no want for a restart. one of the challenges Flutter had a year past was having only a few Flutter developers within the scheme in addition to a scarcity of already created packages to foster quick faster development.

  1. High performance:

Flutter uses one language Dart. Dart may be a robust object-oriented programming language. Flutter programming vogue is reactive and declarative. Flutter doesn’t have to be compelled to use a JavaScript bridge, that improves the app’s startup times and overall high performance.

With this frame rate, an individual's eye will establish any lag. If you compare it with other cross-platform frameworks then, this framework is ahead with a 220-millisecond launch time and 58fps.

  1. Custom Widget for Quick Beautiful UI Coding:

flutter app development

Flutter has ready-designed and custom widgets. These widgets square measure want to produce a superb app interface and its look. whereas several approaches can be used by completely different objects like controllers, views, and layout, this framework options a unified and consistent object model. Each object during this tool may be a gismo - fonts, color schemes, menus, buttons, and artifacts additionally. By combining the widgets to make layouts, you'll utilize widgets on any customization level. The widgets of Flutter square measure consistency and have intensive capabilities and provide Beautiful UI.

  1. Write Single Code for All Platforms, Save Money and Time:

You will create completely native and access to native features, browser-based apps on multiple platforms using the flutter single codebase framework. Flutter will also give you access to every single Ios API and Android with a single code written that can be either deployed to any web browser or embedded in the browser.

  1. Develop Versatile Web-Based Apps:

Flutter incorporates a set of constitutional widgets that will assist you to construct spectacular web-based applications for various domains. Fashion and eCommerce, cordial reception and food services, education, finance, diversion, and commercial enterprise, and travel square measure a number of the trade domains adopting this advanced app development tool.

  1. Better UI capabilities:

Flutter permits you to try to do such a lot of stuff together with your apps that aren’t on the market on different platforms. Obviously, it needs the framework to be pretty powerful. In fact, most of the points conferred on top of wouldn’t be potential while not a superior cross-platform rendering engine.

For rendering itself onto a platform-provided canvas flutter uses skin for that. Due to the engine, UI constitutional Flutter is launched on nearly any platform. swing it otherwise, you have not got to regulate the UI to transfer it to a platform, which simplifies the event method massively.

  1. Smooth Integration:

Flutter swimmingly integrates with completely different in style development tools, empowering you to induce starting quickly with the editor or IDE that you simply already square measure accustomed to. Also, for machine-driven app building and continuous testing, Flutter proclaimed its new CI/CD system known as Codemagic at the Flutter Live 2018 event.

  1. Easy to Migrate from any Platform:

If you have an existing app natively developed in iOS/Android and you want to start with another platform then Flutter can easily help you to convert your existing application to the Flutter platform and provide multiple platform support to your customer hassle-free.

  1. Ample Libraries and Excellent Documentation:

Flutter has a lot of libraries to help you achieve any level of functionality in your app. Moreover, for new developers, it is easy to learn flutter. Google made Good and easy documentation for a flutter, with every feature, functionality, with practice, it will be easy to learn swiftly.

  1. Simple To Learn:

Dart is an Associate in Nursing object-oriented programming language, and really almost like Java. I generally assume it's a small amount of verbal description from in style programming languages. And because of the similarity, it's simple to find out.

Flutter on the opposite hand may be a stunning toolkit. One issue that produces Flutter stunning is the ability to tweak something on the screen. the flexibility to form fantastically titled animations and aesthetics and not tamper with the practicality of the app may be a nice kill for developers.

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