Top Seven Reasons to Consider React Native for Mobile App Development

September 22, 2023 4 min read
react native for mobile app development

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for mobile app development as well as web app development, introduced by Facebook. Many tech giant companies turned towards React Native for iOS and Android platforms. React Native framework allows the developers to transform the fully developed native mobile app into a react native application with efficiency.

As per a survey by, nearly 42%  of mobile app developers prefer this open-source framework React Native for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

  1. Code Reusability:

React Native tagline(Learn once, write anywhere) indicates this advance of code reusability. In native development, developers have to do code for different platforms. React Native helps us to save it and developers can save a symbolic amount of time by skipping the process of building code segments. In React Native development around 70-75% of the code is shared between iOS and Android. Only minor portions of the app need to be modified in respective platforms. Developers can use pre-build javascript libraries and reuse the code. 

  1. Compatible of 3rd Party Plug-in

As React-Native is an open-source framework, it owns the 3rd party plug-in for the improvement of mobile applications. Developers have the ability to develop various functions easily with lots of compatible 3rd party plug-ins. It simply removes all those struggles of developers on developing complicated functions or coding segments on developing a complicated mobile application. This technology is maintained by Facebook and offers a big JavaScript library that transforms workflow and enhances the app performance to a greater major extent.

  1. Minimize Development Time

React Native provides live and hot reload options which will be beneficial to developers at the time of development. In native development, development IDE is not providing this feature. Developers have to just refresh the page and everything works like updated code. In React Native, we have to build apps once that run on multiple platforms. This is one of the biggest advantages of this technology. React Native saves time in developing apps, as said earlier around 70-75% of a codebase can be shared across platforms. Importantly, it brings agility, offers well-organized processing, and delivers a better user experience.

  1. Rich User Interface

React Native offers a clear mobile interface, this is the one reason its open-source Javascript library instead of a framework. React Native offers a more responsive UI design and reduces the loading time as well. It only uses native UI controllers, though it has an additional ReactJS library which is also rich in UI elements. Typically, apps built with React Native have a more responsive UI, flawless UX, and take less time to load.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution

The benefit of code reusability offered by React Native helps diminish the costs of app creation to a large extent. Code reusability affects the development time and cost. Cost and time could cut to half of native development. With this framework, developers need not write individual code for iOS and android and can simply code the application in the existing language. This results in the necessity for a tinier team of native developers for all app development businesses and ensures a sharp limiting in project completion time helped by the competence of the React Native community.

  1. Most popular cross-platform framework

The framework is proved to be the most among other frameworks. This is the reason why most companies or tech giants, including Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and Wix have developed their apps using a React Native. After introducing the open-source library, back in 2015, the social media giant, Facebook itself started using React Native. As this is an open-source library, the developer studied this and grape this technology and created a huge community. Developers can get huge support from the community because of its popularity.

  1. Feels and Fast as native

Once an application is developed in react native, the user will not be able to see the difference between an app developed in React-Native and a native developed app. React Native carries out a platform-specific User Interface that looks and behaves like native because of JavaScript interactions with the native environment. The mobile applications in Swift and React Native were almost identical in their physical appearance and speed. This framework makes use of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), while native platforms are more dependent on the Central Processing Unit (CPU); this is one of the reasons why react native is fast.

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