Augmented Reality Social Application

Augmented Reality(AR)

The Augmented Reality social application helps connects people in real-time. Share your location, and never lose out on your connection. Create messages or stories that are visible to specific groups or individuals.

Business Problem

The business had a ready MVP for an AR application allowing customers to share the content privately. You often don’t want to send all the messages to everyone on your list. However, most social channels don’t provide restricted viewing, which makes it difficult for certain people to share the content.

Augmented Reality helps ensure that the content is relevant to the group. It can also help with local sharing. The main issue with the application was the integration of location services with the AR application. The client could not come through with complete integration, making it difficult for users to share their location with friends.

The Big Idea

The client aspired to seamlessness in location sharing and wanted a more accurate date when sharing.

The big idea: We decided to build on the AR social application, adding features that would improve location sharing. We had already identified the logic and features for the same.

Brief into Augmented Reality Social Application

Our team decided to incorporate AR and location sharing so that only a segment of customers that needed to know would receive the message. This social application was built on the premise that it can provide closed group sharing for the customers.

The application also contained the AR camera module, making integrating the camera from the device easy. This will allow users to share their live location along with a picture of the location.

Our Process

  • We had a bit of a back and forth with the client to understand the existing logic and code for the AR-based application. It helped us understand the more profound logic behind creating the application. We worked with their technical team to understand the logic behind making the application. It helped us understand how the application was useful and its challenges.
  • After the Discovery and requirements gathering, we followed it up with a proper blueprint creation and ended with defining the team and tech stack.
  • Once the team was ready, we put in all the efforts to complete the code, build the logic and test the application.
  • We also ensured the integration was seamless and the performance wasn’t impacted during the testing phase.
Augmented Reality Social Application


Our client had already developed an MVP for an AR application, but there were issues with the location accuracy and speed of the application. The Expert App Devs technical team attended various meetings with the client team to understand the core business logic and prepared a detailed roadmap for creating a full-fledged social augmented reality app.

The Expert App Devs developers had done a great amount of research to create a stable and performance-centric mobile app for Augmented Reality and GPS location. Our team researched various approaches and provided many demonstrations of Augmented Reality with location, and in the end, the client was happy with the efforts and end result.

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  • Easy Login

    For easy access to applications, we have integrated social login features with Google and Facebook accounts. Apart from social login, users can also login using email and password.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Camera

    Users can view the AR messages using the AR camera from the app. Users must go at the real location to view the messages.

  • ARKit for iOS

    We have used ARKit SDK for developing the AR Camera module in the iOS application.

  • ARCore for Android

    We have used ARCore SDK for developing the AR Camera module in the Android application.

  • Google Map Module

    The social augmented reality application has a Google Map module which shows clusters of augmented messages to nearby locations of users. Users cannot view the actual message, but they can view the route from current location to the message.

  • Message Privacy

    Users can mark the message as private or public, according to their need. The private messages can be seen by the user's friends only, while public messages can be seen by all the users.

  • Friends Module

    Users can become friends with each other on the app. Users can send and receive friend requests to other users.

  • Likes & Comments Module

    Users can like messages and also share their feedback as comments on the messages.

  • Brand Promotion Module

    In the social augmented reality app, Users can also follow various brands, which post promotional content or advertisements in the form of augmented messages on mobile apps, using the admin panel.

  • Push Notification Module

    To get instant updates for the message, likes and comments from friends, rich push notifications are integrated in the app.

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