Fuel Your Body Right with Diet & Nutrition App

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The fitness and nutrition app offers individualized exercise plans, dietary advice, and real-time heart rate, step, and calorie burn data, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and improving general fitness with ease and accuracy.

Business Problem

The business had an online website to sell fitness and health supplements where they publish health and fitness info and blogs. but now they wanted an app with a nutrition tracker, and exercise tracker which keeps track of their healthy lifestyle.

People of all ages suffer from being overweight and other health issues, and hence, lots of people have shifted towards Zumba and fitness classes. The actual issue lies in integrating a wide database of nutrition and exercise suitable to the person’s body and lifestyle.

The Big Idea

The big idea was to offer meal planning, calorie tracking, healthy recipes, and workout sessions everything in one app.

We decided to implement a virtual place where people can get their personalized meal planner that recommends healthy recipes to meet their fitness goals.

Brief about Health and Nutrition App

Our client approached us with a goal to develop an app that helps people choose the right diet and nutrition to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As the business already had a website, the design, theme, and some of the modules were readily available to us.

We decided to focus on features and add nutritional and other useful information into the database.

Our Process

  • We started with the research, prepared an intuitive prototype and design, and tested various templates and designs to check responsiveness, look, feel, and other features.
  • Our team made a list of features to track the following things: diet and nutrition tracker, exercise tracker, loading and collecting nutritional data, and much more.
  • Based on the overall functionality and requirements, we decided on the range of cost of diet and nutrition app development; our health app developers prepared an accurate quotation with features and charges.
  • We implemented intuitive dashboards that show settings, fitness goals, tracking, roadmap, faqs, personalized recommendations, and much more.
  • The Expert App Devs team also worked on custom scripts for seamless integrations with other health apps and wearables.

The choice of technology played a crucial role in the overall health app development cycle. Our experts worked on the coding part and developed a fully functional front-end, back-end, database, API integrations, cloud and DevOps, etc.

diet and nutrition app development


There are lots of health and fitness apps developed these days, and everyone has their own unique characteristics. During the research time, we realized there are a lot of things in the health app development, and it requires a long process to meet the unique needs of personalized customers. Our experts were stuck on the type of app to develop because of a broader range of categories like meal planning, vitamins and minerals tracking, hydration tracking, and more.

Integrating multiple features into one app was a real challenge. It needed heavy database management as it included collecting personalized data from users and integrating analytics to understand user lifestyles and provide recommendations accordingly.


  • Register/Login to The App

    Users can create an account and register themselves with a mobile number or email.

  • Dashboard

    It shows the data and information about calorie consumption, activity, workout or exercise done, hydration percentage and more.

  • Meal Planner

    It will recommend and plan meals according to your workout and fitness goals. Users need to enter some information to get a meal chart.

  • Calorie Counter

    User can set specific goal about their fitness and consume and track calories per day on the basis of that.

  • Recipes

    It has lots of tasty recipes and other recommendations to help users go with their fitness journey smoothly.

  • Wearables Integrations

    User can connect this app with their favorite wearables like apple watch, smart watch or any other device.

  • Food library

    It contains an extensive food library with a wide range of categories; hence, user can plan their meal with various ingredients and have tasty and healthy benefits.

  • Advanced Search

    It allows users to search for diet or food logs available in the database.

  • Expert Consultation

    Users can chat or call fitness experts to ask questions about specific ingredients or diet food in case they are allergic.

  • FAQs and Knowledge Base

    It contains health articles and FAQ sections where users can read interesting things that are trending currently.

  • Bar Code Scanner

    Users can scan the bar code to see the nutritional and calorie value of the specific product while they go shopping.

  • Push Notifications

    The app will notify users about the latest recipes, diet articles or missing diet, and calorie intake notifications.

  • Social Integrations

    The app can be integrated with various other social platforms and shared on the online platform to share achievements, badges, or medals on fitness achievement.

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