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Digitalization has helped the global banking industry in almost every way. Today, we have smart, feature-rich, and highly scalable mobile apps with in-app banking features and functionalities to make banking more convenient and comfortable. A leading bank approached us for a feature-rich, comprehensive, and user-friendly banking app development to serve customers uniquely and securely.

The app allows users to sign up or log in securely with the proper authorization. Also, users can perform all digital banking and fintech operations within the app, like opening a new account, fund transfer, checking balance, managing expenses, performing UPI payments, applying for fixed deposits, loans, and credit cards, and generating service requests.

This inclusive banking app allows users to perform all banking transactions simultaneously. The attractive design and responsiveness attract users instantly. The app helps users eliminate the need to visit a physical branch for banking operations.

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The client is a leading private bank, and they wanted to build a digital banking app that helps them serve their customers better and more meaningfully. They wanted an app for Android and iOS platforms. Also, they wanted to emphasize more security as the app deals with users' sensitive data, such as financial details, card details, and next-gen fintech solutions.

They wanted to design an app that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and feature-rich. They wanted to use the flutter technologies to build an app that is highly responsive, secure, and superior in performance and speed.

At Expert App Devs, our fintech developers discussed things in detail with the client and determined to build a cross-platform application with a single codebase. Cross-platform app development allows developers to build native-like applications with features like code reusability, hot reloading, etc. It makes the development process quick, error-free, and seamless.


  • Account Overview

    Users can get an overview of their credit cards, savings/current accounts, etc. They can get information about account balances, the latest transactions, bank statements, etc.

  • Loan Section

    The loan section allows users to apply for various loans, such as home, personal, car, and business. They can also track and discuss their loan applications with a banking representative.

  • Credit Card Section

    Users can get an overview of their credit card details, like the latest transactions, card limit, etc. Also, users can apply for a new credit card and track their application.

  • Push Notifications

    Users get push notifications about banking transactions, account details, new offers and discounts, and other valuable information.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Customers can access customer support at any time. They can chat with AI-powered chatbots or direct call customer service representatives.

  • Utility Bill Payments

    Users can pay their utility bills, like electricity, gas, mobile, credit card, insurance premiums, etc.

  • Impressive Design

    Our team has designed a clean, uncluttered, and user-friendly app that impresses users instantly with simple and seamless navigation. Users can find appropriate sections instantly from the home page.

  • Fund Transfer

    Users can transfer funds to any third party online with a few clicks. They just need a bank account number or a mobile number associated with the account. The fund transfer process is simple and highly secure.

  • High-end Security

    The app is highly secure and has various security measures, such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, and automatic logout sessions.

  • QR Code Payments

    Users can also pay by scanning a QR code at any brick-and-mortar shop. To pay through their banking account, they scan the merchant’s QR code.

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