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Education & Training

Users can measure progress, set goals, and keep an eye on physical activity with the aid of health and fitness applications. offer individualized exercise plans, dietary advice, and up-to-date information.

Business Problem

Our client is a fitness enthusiast and approached the fitness app developers of Expert app Devs. The idea was to develop a fitness app that could be a one-stop solution for all users. The client wanted the proper functional app that provides personalized training plans, seamless integrations, and all other sources so that people can achieve their health and fitness goals just from the comfort of home.

The Big Idea

The client wanted to offer extensive features to the unique health goals and fitness needs of a wider customer base.

We started with data collection first. We made a list of various categories of fitness apps to get a clear idea before beginning our fitness app development. We implemented a rough prototype of the app and compared it with other existing apps.

Brief into Health and Fitness Apps

The app development market is growing like a fire due to its easy accessibility and intuitive functions. No doubt, health and fitness are a part of our daily lives. According to one survey, fitness app development is likely to reach the $10.04 billion market by 2028.

We added an algorithm for diets and fitness training plans that would suggest user-suitable diets and meals according to their health goals.

Our Process

  • We began by preparing a rough prototype that gave us an idea about what we lacked and what we needed to add to make our app unique from others.
  • During our research, we found that most people use fitness apps with wearables; hence, we started implementing wearable integration functionality.
  • Most people don't have time to go to the fitness centre and gyms. While others can't afford the gym membership, hence keeping reliability and user needs in mind.
  • We developed VR-based workouts for all categories with personalized tracking and training.
  • Our expert team also added nutrition and calorie tracking features in the app to suggest the right meal to users to get effective results from the workout.
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As a reputed fitness app development company, we also integrated group workout and virtual trainer features. These will allow users to perform workouts in groups without getting bored. Eventually, the app will also give users feedback and other suggestions to improve.

Implementing AR, and VR for personalized workouts was an actual challenge as it needed to collect useful exercises from certified experts and import lots of data into the database.

We strive to deliver a fully functional and easy-to-use fitness app, so we added the following necessary features.


  • Sign-Up/Login

    To use the app's features, users need to sign up with an email or mobile number. After successfully registering, they can easily sign up or log in.

  • Workout and Training Plans

    Here user will see list of workout and training plans which they wish to perform.

  • Discussion Forum

    Users can connect with fitness experts and enthusiasts to share knowledge and ask doubts.

  • Timer and Clock

    This will calculate the running speed or workout session timings to improve strength.

  • Virtual Trainer

    Users can access virtual trainers and join the sessions to do workouts with groups and trainers.

  • Track Calorie

    This feature helps users track calorie intake and other nutritional aspects to fulfill fitness goals like weight loss, weight gain, bodybuilding or strength, etc.

  • Activity Tracking

    It tracks daily activity and provides statistics on daily workouts with all essential details.

  • Social Media Sharing

    User can share the app link or the fitness achievement or useful fitness information to their followers on other social media platforms.

  • Wearables Compatibility

    User can connect their app via Bluetooth or sync it with an Apple watch, smartwatch, TV, etc.

  • Supplement Recommendations

    It gives users recommendations about vitamins and healthy food recommendations to add to their daily diet.

  • Free and In-App Purchases

    Some features are free, while other advanced features and personalized appointments and consultations with fitness trainers might add extra charges.

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