On-Demand Rental Marketplace App Development


A P2P rental marketplace app provides users with easy rental solutions with a wide range of choices and affordable options. Involves options for renting various things such as equipment, vehicles, clothing, property and much more.

Business Problem

The client already had a P2P rental service web portal and wanted to develop an app for centralizing vendor management and tracking profits. However, most rental apps lack advanced analytics,geo-location integration, or advanced booking features.

Hence the business problem was multi-lingual support to expand the wider user base globally. Also, the app didn't have the functionality to advance the book for rental service.

The Big Idea

Today, the internet is flooded with rental marketplace apps and websites, but the client intends to have a handful of apps that support multiple languages and have geographic integration, delivering net value to customers.

Our team decided to develop an intuitive P2P rental marketplace app to advanced booking features and language options.

Brief into E-commerce and P2P Rental Marketplace

The team at Expert App Devs started to develop an interesting P2P rental app platform that connects individuals looking to rent out equipment, vehicles, or clothing with those seeking rentals. This application is securely developed for both renters and owners.

It also includes an effective verification system that verifies the trusted vendors and ensures standard quality service and logistic management.

Our Process

  • We have gone through deep digging to deliver a swift interface & intuitive navigation with an ease-of-use experience delivered to the users.
  • Our experts at Expert App Devs brainstormed the requirements and came up with a comprehensive plan. The plan included data collection, CGI development, business analysis & technology integration.
  • Our self-motivated and agile team quickly set the plan in motion, and it started filling us with heavy unstructured data.
  • The market survey filled us with innumerable insights and data points that presented potential value to our decision-making. We also needed to understand the business that would address the customer needs directly & integrate it into our Rental Marketplace app.
  • To accomplish this we drafted a team of highly capable coders & data analysts and procured all the necessary integrations and plug-ins. Together, we created a comprehensive platform that allowed the users to approach any rental service (equipment, vehicles, clothes) in one place.
  • Once we captured the business requirement, we focused our attention on its security. Our cyber security experts at Expert App Devs are equipped with the latest security integrations, making our product one of the least vulnerable to any cyber threat in the app space.
  • Lastly, we added the custom script and integrated the necessary tools to the database to execute queries for advance booking in the database.
rental marketplace app development


Developing the rental marketplace app was equally challenging and exciting. Some of the barriers that we came across were similar to our previous projects. However, our focus was on creating an ideal application that is equipped with the latest tech and features available in the market.

Our developers at Expert App Devs applied two different perspectives for the application development. One was through the eyes of rental service providers, while another was from that of service seekers. We envisioned a balanced platform that was both functional and user-friendly to the parties involved. This underwent rigorous brainstorming followed by intense research and testing methodology. The results were evident in above-average customer reviews and a high rate of customer satisfaction.

The success of any marketplace app development is highly dependent on its intuitive and logical features streamlining the user thought process. Our team devoted a significant effort in crafting this into our app which is why it stands out today compared to other similar apps available in the market. Our app now provides a swift browsing experience with choice personalization using extensive filtering mechanisms which provides a customized experience to our users. The process culminates into a seamless payment experience with multiple payment choices for users.

The after-sales service is a major USP of our product, which aims to take away all the stress of any necessary maintenance required. Our experienced customer care team understands the challenges & demands of our customers and is well-equipped to cater to all of them with the utmost importance.


  • Profile Management

    Users can create their own profile to manage their information and save preferences for easy and filtered browsing.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    The app has multiple payment options including cash, UPI, bank transfers, and card payments for the convenience of the customers.

  • Notification Alerts

    The marketplace app development team incorporated the feature of real-time updates and alerts to keep the users updated about new listings, offers, and any other important updates about the app.

  • Reviews

    The review section on our app allows the clients to give honest feedback about the services received and also helps other users make an informed decision. Search and Filters: This feature allows users to narrow their options and save time while looking for specific items.

  • Maps and Location

    This one important feature of a rental space allows customers to reach the store conveniently, even offline.

  • In-App Messaging

    We also incorporated an in-app messaging feature to allow users easy communication with our customer support for any inquiries or assistance.

  • Booking History and Orders

    This section allows users to track their previous rentals and payment histories.

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