App Development Maintenance Cost in 2022 - A Definitive Guide

February 04, 2022 8 min read
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Mobile technology has taken over our lives as billions of smartphone users across the globe use mobile apps for easy online shopping, communication, creating content, accessing information, and playing games. But users do not think twice before uninstalling if there are performance issues in these apps. As a result, businesses do not want to compromise on timely updates, user-friendliness, and maintenance.  Companies can communicate better with their consumers when their applications are maintained frequently. Application maintenance requires long-term investments to achieve higher ROIs and better UX.

Many app-based businesses often neglect the importance of app maintenance and support for their mobile apps. Anyone building or launching a new app needs to understand this. This definitive guide will assist you to understand what details of mobile application maintenance, its importance, and how a mobile app support and maintenance service. Expert App Devs can navigate you through this journey. Also, get to know about the kind of expenses associated as a part of app maintenance.

Mobile App Maintenance Cost and Mobile App Support

Providing seamless, bug-free experiences for mobile users requires numerous steps and processes. The components that form an application are observed, developed, revamped, and modified to ensure a better UX.

Mobile apps that have more downloads aren't necessarily successful. This should be accompanied by a large user base and a lot of active users. This calls for frequent support, maintenance, and monitoring of activities. You need to handle mobile app maintenance with care, or your app may suffer from issues.

Other reasons to work with a mobile application maintenance expert are as follows:

  • Upgrade your operating system to the latest version
  • Upgrade the user interface accordingly
  • Incorporate technical aspects on the go
  • Continuous improvement and upgrade
  • Cut unnecessary expenses

How Important is Mobile App Support and Maintenance?

52% of users tend to uninstall an app within the first 3 months of the launch of an application. Inadequate maintenance initiatives lead to this issue, coupled with a lack of support. Your mobile app must be managed and supported properly if you wish to achieve optimal ROI. Maintaining your mobile app ensures a user experience that is second to none. Here is why mobile app maintenance is so important.

Adapt to changes in multiple device types

With each new model of the mobile and tablet hardware systems, the physical specifications and features are not always the same. If an application is not updated to take advantage of new OS and hardware, it becomes obsolete.

Enhance the user interface

A successful mobile app depends heavily on its look and feel. Using mobile app support and maintenance services can prove to be a good idea if you are looking to enhance the app UI. A pleasing and functional interface, or at least one that is not outdated, is necessary to keep users engaged. Trends in aesthetics and functional designs keep changing, so it's not surprising that aesthetic trends change, too.

Keep up with evolving operating systems and software library updates

iOS and Android versions are updated almost every year. If your app fails to adapt to these updates, your existing app would not function as it did previously, which can be annoying for users or lead to them abandoning it entirely.

Software libraries are used by app developers instead of coding from scratch. As a result, they need to make sure that any updates within the concerned libraries are updated in your app software.

Manage downtimes effectively

Information technology is subject to frequent downtimes that can't be avoided. When applications are regularly and timely maintained, such downtimes can be identified before they become major problems. The implementation of a scheduled maintenance plan ensures prompt and efficient solutions in such situations.

Maintain a high level of security

Even the best security protocols and encryptions can only last for a limited period of time due to hackers and cybercriminals finding security loopholes to exploit. A vulnerable app that contains sensitive data could be a cause of irreversible harm. Security can be ensured by regular app maintenance.

Tips for effective & long-term maintenance of the mobile app

Your users will have an excellent app experience if you follow best practices. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • You should monitor your app and look for new features and improvements to make your app more valuable.
  • The user interface of your app should be updated regularly based on trending styles and usage habits since they are important to its success. You will find happier existing users if your app keeps up with trends.
  • Checking the performance of your app is essential. Carefully observe load time, lag, and performance issues, and monitor analytics reports for updates. You should analyze patterns of customer usage, track engagement and conversion rates, and know your retention and churn rates.
  • Do not miss any issues or bugs by scheduling regular app maintenance. Keep your app updated and notify your users ahead of time when your system will be down.

Types of maintenance services for applications

types of maintenance services for applications

Before we discuss the cost associated with app maintenance, let us have a look at the types of app maintenance services.

Emergency Maintenance

An emergency involves all sudden errors or problems that cause the system to malfunction and needs immediate attention. Anytime a company is faced with an unpredictable, but critical problem with its mobile app, emergency maintenance is necessary.

Perfective Maintenance

New or changed user requirements are discovered as the application is used by the target users. Feedback received here is considered as part of the perfective maintenance process. Once changes are made, active app users receive a perfect user experience thanks to the changes made in the source code.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance involves the updating of application systems to stay abreast with changing hardware or software environments. This is the application's environment, which refers to the influences and working conditions that it faces. This maintenance service ensures that the app is stable and functional in the new environment.

Preventive Maintenance

The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of errors occurring. However, it aims to reduce the complexity of an application and make it more understandable and maintainable.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is concerned with the removal of residual errors and faults in daily application functions.  In terms of design, logic, and coding errors, residual errors are mistakes. Often these errors are discovered through bug reports.

Having a budget for different types of app maintenance is crucial for app owners. To budget for app maintenance, you'd need to take into account a variety of factors. Let us discuss these in detail.

Recurring app maintenance cost

Developers and designers put a lot of effort into the design and development of apps.  In the case of mobile applications, the coding phase gets a lot of attention. Once that is over, your app is published successfully on the Google Play Store / Apple App Store, after which it is marketed remarkably well. Does that conclude the story? Unfortunately, no!

You will now need a concentrated app maintenance strategy to sustain your application. Monitoring the performance is crucial, and assuring that app users receive updates regularly is crucial. Take a look at these broad categories to get an overview of the app maintenance costs.

  • The cost associated with hosting ($20-$60/ month)
  • Licenses (As per pricing plans)
  • The frequency with which new content addition (Based on frequency)
  • Situations that require immediate action (Emergency charges)
  • Performance reports from analytics (Based on packages)
  • ASO
  • APIs

App maintenance should be budgeted at up to 20% of the initial development costs. The way your app is built will also affect its cost. Approximately $300 to $500 can be spent per year on maintaining an app. Maintenance costs can rise dramatically if an app is not designed to scale as its user base increases.

Factors that affect app maintenance cost

The cost of maintaining an app is not always excessive, unlike what many people believe. As a first step, you must be aware of the fact that maintenance expenses are directly proportional to the sophistication of the app and the number of times you will need app maintenance. Also, in case your application is not maintained well, it might cost you more down the road.
Two factors that come into play while deciding the App maintenance cost are -

The complexity of the app – Mobile applications gradually become more complex. As a result, its maintenance requirements become more comprehensive. 

Frequency of maintenance – Another factor to consider is the frequency at which your app requires attention. Performing maintenance intervention weekly or monthly will lead to a higher cost than performing maintenance 2-4 times a year.

How can Expert App Devs help?

App maintenance services ensure that businesses continue offering highly scalable, adaptable, and secure mobile applications to their customers. Expert App Devs offers app development maintenance services that help you step up with technology and business changes. We offer service for a multitude of operating systems and devices that are out there on the market.

We have an experienced team of maintenance engineers with hands-on knowledge of the latest technologies. Not only that, but we are a leading Application Development Company and this makes us fully equipped to redesign and optimize applications on the go.

Our app maintenance plans include multiple tiers that include bug fixing, audits, development environment, and server management. If you have a legacy app, we have got you covered as well. Get in touch with us to modernize and upgrade your app with scheduled maintenance henceforth.

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