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The coach and player training app is an all-inclusive platform where soccer trainers connect soccer players across levels. The learning guide helps build lessons that are tuned to the need of the player. It helps players get guidance and necessary tutorials online from experts in the field. It has a compilation of workouts, training sessions, and multiple skillsets the player needs.

Business Problem

Soccer training is important as it imparts important lessons that guide the players on how to enhance their skills and adapt to their needs. However, during the Pandemic, everything went remote. It was getting impossible to keep up with the training needs of the players and manage the various sessions.

Even if the coach wanted to move online, they didn’t have an understanding of how they could manage the training and assess the students effectively. Even before the Pandemic, managing the assessment and the different groups was getting difficult. Coaches were finding it difficult to schedule the classes and keep up with their personalized needs.

There was a growing need for a tool or application that can help the two stay connected and improve their scheduling and time management abilities.

The Big Idea

The client wanted to develop a mobile application for the coaches and players for better training and seamless communication.

The big idea: A coach and player training app can help improve the training of soccer players. The soccer trainer can easily manage the training of multiple teams/players with the mobile application. The individual players can compare their metrics with their past performance as well as the other players to know their standing.

Brief into Coach and Player Training App

  • The coach and player training app are where the coaches can train multiple teams or individual players online. They can share lessons for the players, depending on the skills they lack or need. The coach can also organize level-based lessons that can be imparted according to the skill level or expertise the user has signed up for.
  • The players can assess their performance with other individuals, improve their skills and learn soccer online. There is a leaderboard for every team that helps the coach know which player is doing well.

Our Process

  • The main purpose of the coach and player training app was to ensure seamless training and make it available online for everyone.
  • The client was very clear on the requirements and needed an app that was engaging for both the users. Before we could deliver further, we needed to define the business scope and logic for the mobile application.
  • We developed on the idea and gave a few suggestions that helped with user experience design, interface development, and actual app creation.
  • We ensured proper testing of every frame and code before launching it in the market.
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As this is not a real-time app where the coach and trainee would be facing each other, we had to make sure it is engaging. The players would learn from a library of lessons, and this would need more motivation and inspiration.

As a result, we developed screens, a library interface,s and modules that would attract attention. Our team brainstormed with the client’s team to develop an application model that would be accepted by everyone.

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  • User Management Module

    Admin can manage both coach and player users from the admin panel. Admin can assign the players to the coach.

  • Video Library Module

    In the sports trainer app, coaches can create their own video library or also use the pre-defined library for creating exercise. The pre-defined library is managed by admin from the admin panel.

  • Lesson Management Module

    Coaches can create and manage lessons for their players. Players can view lessons from the coach and submit their real-time video to coach for their review.

  • Grading & Statistics Module

    Coach can view all the submitted lesson videos and provide feedback and grading to the players. Coach can also view the progress statistics of the players.

  • Team Feed Module

    In the sports trainer app, players can see lesson updates about the other teammates via feed module. Players can like the submitted lessons from teammates.

  • Leader Module

    Coach can view the leaderboard for all lessons within the team as well as globally all over the world.

  • Switch Account Module

    As a Coach role, users can manage multiple teams using the same account. Users can switch accounts conveniently as well as see pending notifications from other accounts.

  • Push Notification Module

    Coaches and Players will receive push notifications for new lessons and submitted lessons. Users can view all the push notifications listings from the app.

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